Fingerprint and Mswipe to bring biometric contactless cards to India

Biometrics company Fingerprints has partnered with digital tool Mswipe to bring biometric debit and credit cards to India.

Fingerprints and Mswipe will collaborate and bring biometric debit and credit cards to India, targeting 940 million active payment card customers. In addition, Fingerprints’ biometric technology, together with Mswipe, which is an independent mobile POS merchant acquirer and network provider, will also target approximately 100,000 existing customers. The collaboration will include the T-Shape module and Fingerprints software platform.

Officials of the biometrics company said that with the large portfolio of partners secured by Mswipe, they believe that adding biometric solutions to their product line will add convenient payments for merchants and consumers in the region. Contactless and digital payments are growing rapidly in India as consumers choose contactless, secure and transparent means of payment.

Mswipe selected Fingerprints because it offers biometric performance and low power consumption, important features for contactless biometric cards. The introduction of biometric payment cards offers benefits for both its merchants and consumers as contactless payments in India will continue to grow rapidly, says Mswipe.

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