Facial biometrics for payments continues to progress with PopID-Visa partnership

PopID recently entered into a new collaboration with Visa to launch its PopPay facial biometrics-based payment solution in the Middle East region.

Costa Coffee, MMI and grocery chain Géant will be the first operators to use PopPay in the region, alongside Cove Beach at Caesars Palace Dubai and Coca-Cola Arena Dubai.

Additionally, PopID recently signed an agreement with Dubai Holding to establish a joint venture supporting the deployment of PopPay in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

“Facial biometric payments are at the forefront of payments innovation, providing cardholders with a fast, seamless and above all secure way to authenticate and make a payment,” said Akshay Chopra, Head of Visa. CEMEA Innovation & Design.

Face isn’t the only biometric modality Visa is interested in. In fact, the company recently approved the Zwipe Pay platform for biometric fingerprint payment cards.

“Across our partner network, we’ve seen increased interest in co-creating new facial and biometric payment moments,” adds Chopra. “Through this partnership with PopPay, we want to help our customers deploy biometric payment capabilities faster and more successfully.”

NEC discusses biometric payment technologies

Biometric authentication provider NEC, which provides the algorithms used by PopID, recently published a blog post on the latest trends in facial biometric payments around the world.

The article begins by outlining the impact of the pandemic on countries around the world, prompting them to adopt contactless payment methods such as facial biometrics.

NEC then mentions how biometric payments are quite prevalent in China, mainly due to the common practice of facial recognition in the country as it is widely used in surveillance cameras and by law enforcement.

Government-backed payment companies WePay and Alipay have reportedly taken advantage of this trend to build their payment systems based on facial biometrics.

However, for these technologies to become mainstream in the West, NEC believes governments and businesses need to address the issues of storing, collecting, monitoring and managing large amounts of data.

“For this to be successful, Pay by Face providers need to ensure that their onboarding process is watertight and ensure that they reassure customers that it is safe to use such a system and that what will happen to the personal data that is stored,” NEC wrote.

NEC partnered with Cali Burger on its self-service kiosks with facial recognition, launched them in 2017 and showcased them at a retail show in early 2018, before Cali Group launched PopID for market the solution. The company confirmed that it still provides facial biometrics in a Tweeter two years later.

The company also recently rolled out its facial recognition technology in Brunei following an agreement with the country’s Department of Homeland Security.

Juniper predicts that 1.4 billion people will use software-based facial biometrics for payments by 2025.

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