Everything you need to know about the Capital One mobile app

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how we could get by without a powerful laptop in our pockets. And while many still use desktops and laptops throughout the day, mobile apps have become the dominant means of interfacing with the financial institutions where we have our accounts. Capital One offers a comprehensive mobile application that allows clients to quickly perform most of the functions they might need to manage their account.

What is the Capital One mobile app?

The Capital One mobile app is a download for Apple and Android devices that allows customers to manage their Capital One credit card and deposit accounts. It also gives anyone access to Capital One’s CreditWise tool, which helps consumers understand and learn how to improve their credit scores.

Features for cardholders

The Capital One mobile app gives credit card users full access to their account information, including their card number, expiration date and security code. This allows you to make a purchase online or over the phone, even when you don’t have your card with you. The mobile app also gives you access to the Card Lock feature, which allows you to quickly deactivate the use of your card if it is misplaced, lost or stolen.

Cardholders can also configure the app to show instant purchase notifications that make it easier for you to track your spending. Other credit card features in the app include the ability to pay your bills or set up automatic payment for your payments, as well as the ability to view and redeem rewards. And, of course, you can use the app to view your statements and transaction history.

Features for deposit account holders

For those who have a deposit account with Capital One, the app also offers the ability to view your statements and transaction history. You can also use the app to deposit a check by taking a picture of it. Additionally, the app allows account holders to securely send money to almost anyone in the United States using the Zelle service.

Features for everyone

You don’t even need to have a Capital One account to use the CreditWise service, which you can access from the mobile app. CreditWise will show you your VantageScore 3.0 score, provided by TransUnion. You can set it up to receive alerts whenever your score changes due to events like recent inquiries, new accounts, and missed payments.

CreditWise can also scan the dark web to send you alerts when it finds out that your social security number or email address may be compromised. You can also use the CreditWise Score Simulator to show how financial decisions can impact your credit score.

What the mobile app is not

The Capital One mobile app is not the same as the Capital One digital wallet and mobile payments. This is a set of services that allow you to make payments online or at merchants using multiple partners. Capital One credit cards are compatible with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay. These services use their respective apps to let you make payments with your Capital One credit card, but it’s not the same method as using your Capital One mobile app for payments. However, you can manage some of your digital wallet settings through the mobile app.

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How to download and navigate the Capital One mobile app

To download the Capital One mobile app, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can even send a “GET” SMS to 80101 to download the app. Once downloaded, you will need to log in using your username and password. If you don’t have login credentials, you can configure online access through the app.

To access it, you will need to verify your phone number by receiving a text message and entering a six-digit code that is part of that message. At this time, you can also choose to enable fingerprint access if your phone is compatible. Then you will be asked if you want to enable notifications.

Once logged in, you will first see a screen with all of your credit card accounts, along with your available credit and payment amounts due. Other information on the Home screen will include recent transactions, statements and documents, and account users. You will also be able to access the card lock feature and replace a damaged or missing card.

From this screen, you can select an option to display a screen that displays additional details about the account. This next screen is where you will see detailed account status information, such as minimum payment, last statement balance, and last payment. This screen also displays the terms of your card, including fees and interest rates.

Another main screen displays your profile, which contains links to your personal information, security settings, and account settings. Other options include help, alerts and notifications, comments, and the digital portfolio manager.

Features of the Capital One mobile application

The Capital One app is a great place to quickly manage your credit card account.

Make payments

From the initial screen, you can take on your most important responsibility as a cardholder, making sure you make your payments on time. For a one-time payment, you can select “Make a payment” and choose your payment source, the account you are making your payment on, the amount and the date. You can also add payment accounts and add an event to your personal calendar notifying you of the payment.

Activate a new credit card

When you receive a new credit card in the mail, you can use the mobile app to activate it. From the initial screen, go to “Profile” and select “Account and Features Settings”. Then choose “Activate a credit card”. From there, you can also add a credit card payment account and request a credit limit increase.

Acquire help

The Capital One app provides an easy way to contact a representative. From the initial screen, go to “Profile” and select “Help”. With one click, you can call Capital One (from inside or outside the US).

Using CreditWise

At the bottom of the initial screen, you can enter the CreditWise part of the app. From there, you can view your score, access your TransUnion credit report, and review the factors that make up your score. Other options include viewing your recent activity, alerts, and ways to improve your score. The “For You” option includes videos and other information on improving your financial health.

Capital One Mobile Application Security

Digital security is the top priority for any financial application, and the security features of the Capital One mobile app are accessible through the Profile screen. Here you can change your username or change your password. You can also choose sign-in options, including fingerprint recognition and the SureSwipe sign-in method (replacing passwords with a pattern that users draw with a finger). The app even offers an in-person identity verification barcode that can be scanned and used to verify your identity at branches and cafes.

Bankrate’s Perspective: Pros and Cons of the Capital One Mobile App

When using the Capital One app, it’s important to understand what it does well and what features it lacks.

Strengths of the Capital One mobile application

Capital One’s app is easy to use and has a largely intuitive interface. It allows customers to access credit card accounts, deposit accounts, and its CreditWise service, all from the same app.

Capital One also eliminates a common pain point of mobile apps by offering numerous ways to log in, including fingerprints and the SureSwipe feature (which is ideal for those with mobile devices that do not support authentication. by fingerprint).

You can also use the app to verify your identity in person rather than relying on physical identification forms. In addition, the app can put you in touch with a representative of Capital One, as it will always be necessary to speak to someone for certain functions.

Weaknesses of the Capital One mobile application

The Capital One app does not have the ability to communicate with a representative by chat or secure messaging. These can be valuable ways to quietly interact with your bank when you don’t have the time or privacy to make a phone call. It also doesn’t have the option to schedule multiple payments to your account.

The bottom line

No bank has ever created the perfect app, but Capital One’s app offers a solid suite of tools, as well as good security features. By understanding the full capabilities of the app and recognizing its shortcomings, you can use it to effectively manage your accounts while keeping track of your credit score.

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