El Dorado Airport in Bogota makes progress in facial biometrics pilot project

Earlier this year, El Dorado International Airport in Bogota began integrating facial biometrics technology as part of its digital transformation journey. After several months of successful onboarding and positive feedback from airlines and passengers, the airport is expected to move forward with full use of biometrics in other aspects of airport operations.

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Facial biometrics was first incorporated in July this year when El Dorado Airport partnered with Idemia as part of the airport’s cybersecurity aspect of its digital transformation strategy. Since then, over 21,000 passengers have been included in the system, with over 300 passengers added daily on average.


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As far as airlines are concerned, Avianca and VivaAerobús were the first two airlines willing to participate in the pilot phase, which included the remote enrollment of several facial biometric portals allowing passengers to be integrated into the system from the counters of the airlines to the departure lounges.

With continued success, the airport expects Ultra Air and Wingo to join before the end of the year, with other airlines expected to join in the first half of next year. Bogota’s main airport also plans to implement biometric technology for different areas of airport operations, as highlighted by OPAIN, the airport management company:

“We firmly believe that today more than ever, technology is a competitive differentiator, which is why we are working to implement biometric validation in pre-security and boarding processes. In the future, this technology should be implemented in baggage delivery procedures.”

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One more step towards the launch of the “DoradoPass”

Moving to the next phase of using facial biometrics technology, El Dorado is also getting closer to launching the “DoradoPass” facial recognition feature. This feature is expected to launch by the end of this year, allowing passengers to create their digital identity from the El Dorado mobile app.

The feature will capture each passenger’s unique facial markings, and this innovative identification technique will be associated with each passenger’s identification and travel documents. Essentially, the feature creates an all-in-one digital passport for passengers traveling through El Dorado Airport, all from the convenience of passenger phones and tablets.

Similar to how Face ID works to unlock iPhones and sensitive content on phones, the “DoradoPass” will allow passengers to use their face to access various processes in the airport, such as check-in, automated baggage drop-off and self-boarding gates. Ultimately, El Dorado hopes the “DoradoPass” will effectively facilitate these processes and create a more enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

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At the end of the line

El Dorado announced and outlined its digital transformation roadmap in 2019 as part of the airport’s plan to embrace technological advancements to support the demanding years expected for the aviation industry. Even with the unfortunate blow of the pandemic, the airport has not halted its transformation plans and has since come a long way in its technological upgrade.

Various developments have been implemented in recent years, such as 28 automated boarding pass lanes for entry to waiting rooms, 46 self-check-in kiosks, 19 self-service bag drop modules and pre-security corridors with facial biometrics. And with “DoradoPass” set to launch within the next two months, the airport’s transformation journey continues. Upon successful app functionality, the airport plans to implement facial biometrics for baggage claim procedures.

Source: Aviationline

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