Distributors and strategic partners flock to biometrics providers

Whether it’s Alcatraz for contactless biometric access control, Enacomm for contact center authentication, or OneLogin extending the reach of its IAM platform, another series of partnerships and distribution agreements have been made to bring biometrics to more businesses and consumers. CardLogix has a new reseller agreement with Iriscan, ZKTeco USA has a new strategic partner and Ping Identity has launched a new partner program.

Alcatraz signs agreement with New York-based international distributor

The Alcatraz Rock biometric facial authentication device from Alcatraz AI will be sold as part of the access control portfolio of international security integrator Structure Works.

“Alcatraz Rock’s access control platform is easy to use, intuitive and modern, which our customers constantly demand,” said Walter Cropley, vice president of Structure Works. “The extra features, like tailgating intelligence, are features that many might not think they are asking for, but they are really unique selling points. The reaction we get from customers once they see the device in action is simply amazing.

Alcatraz CEO Tina D’Agostin Notes Structure Works’ Global Reach, New York Headquarters, and Business Continuity in Supporting Positive Customer Experiences as Benefits in Bringing Biometric Technology Alcatraz in new markets.

Alcatraz noted its growing presence in densely populated locations across the United States in the announcement, as part of its strategy to provide frictionless, contactless access control with biometric security and support. responsible for applying the mask policy when workplaces reopen.

Enacomm voice biometrics will be offered by the contact center partner

Enacomm’s suite of call center technologies, including biometric and multi-factor authentication, will be offered by the DialAmerica business process outsourcing contact center as part of a new partnership.

DialAmerica provides inbound and outbound call center services and added Enacomm’s intelligent IVR for customer self-service, advanced contact center analytics, artificial intelligence-based conversational banking, fraud detection and monitoring, as well as biometric and authentication technologies.

“ENACOMM has built its digital gateway to enable organizations to combine the best technological solutions that meet their unique needs,” comments Michael Boukadakis, CEO of Enacomm. “Outsourcing contact centers through DialAmerica is one such solution.”

“Reliable, on-demand assisted service is invaluable for complex customer issues during times of high call volume and after hours when an organization’s core staff are not available,” adds Boukadakis. “We are delighted to complement DialAmerica’s live agent services with ENACOMM’s intelligent interaction technologies. “

OneLogin concludes MEA distribution agreement

OneLogin has a new distributor for its Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the Middle East and Africa, by signing Multipoint Group.

Multipoint Group will offer OneLogin’s digital ID services, including its trusted experience platform, which it says leverages HydraBoost to authenticate more sessions than any top competitor, from the distributor’s office to Dubai.

OneLogin recently signed a partnership agreement with Keyless to integrate the latter’s privacy-focused biometric authentication.

Iriscan and CardLogix Partner to Bring Biometric Devices to Eastern Europe

Iriscan has entered into an agreement to resell CardLogix products such as its BIOSID biometric mobile enrollment tablet in Eastern Europe.

Vista FA2, EY2 and EY2P facial biometric and iris cameras and Vista EY2H iris recognition cameras are also included in the official reseller agreement.

Iriscan sells its iris recognition algorithms as a cloud service, prompting it to support the proliferation of hardware for iris scans.

ZKTeco biometrics to integrate into turnstiles

ZKTeco USA has partnered with Turnstiles.us to bring contactless technologies like facial recognition and other biometric features like palm vein recognition to best-in-class turnstiles, according to an announcement from the company.

Turnstiles has served enterprises for 30 years and holds a General Service Administration contract in the United States.

ZKTeco’s stand-alone SpeedFace readers can provide fast and accurate biometrics of facial and palm veins, with Weigand and OSDP outputs that can be integrated into any access control system, according to the company. They can be used in standalone mode connected to any turnstile in its new partner’s portfolio, with the ZKBioSecurity all-in-one management platform offering full user and device management capabilities.

Ping launches sales certification program

Ping Identity has launched a new partner sales certification program to help its global network of channel partners grow their businesses with its digital identity and access management software.

The new program is designed to educate members of the Global Ping Identity Partner Network to better identify opportunities to resolve customer IAM challenges. It aims to help Ping Partners improve their technical skills and better understand different use cases, qualifications and handling objections. Partners can also take advantage of networking, specialization and career development opportunities in the area of ​​IAM.

“Our commitment to channel partner success has never been stronger,” comments Beth Drew, vice president of channel sales, Ping Identity. “Certifying channel vendors is a critical step in bringing the best hybrid identity and access management solutions to customers who want to accelerate their digital transformation in 2021 and beyond. We look forward to increasing our channel commitments to ensure partner networks and customers can enjoy more transparent and secure online experiences. “

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