Credence ID selects the Elyctis ID contactless and contact card reader for its new ECO-Identifier™ identification terminal

Elyctis and CredenceID

Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis, says: “We are proud to have been selected by Credence ID after their extensive benchmarking process. Credence ID holds a strong position in the government identification market with its long history of providing outstanding biometric identification and document reading solutions.

Credence ID, a global leader in mobile identification, biometrics and ID reading technology, launches ECO-Identifier™, its new biometric identification and ID reading platform, which now includes the Elyctis ID reader Reader 021 – contact and non-contact OEM series.

During the product design phase, Credence ID compared various solutions to include contact and contactless ID reading functions as an important feature of its ECO-Identifier™ terminal. As the terminal reads identity documents, the integrated reader was essential to provide fast, reliable and secure reading functions for all types of contact and contactless identity documents.

During the benchmarking phase, it became apparent that many standard NFC readers were unable to read all potential ID documents. Since many common readers are not dedicated to identification, they do not support all protocols used in government identity systems. Standing out from the crowd, the Elyctis ID Reader 021 – OEM series is dedicated to the ID document reading market and has been developed, with its antenna, by the ID document experts at Elyctis. As such, it is uniquely able to provide performance, reliability, user-friendliness and interoperability in reading all types of identity documents in contactless and contact mode. Additionally, the Elyctis ID reader and its SDK support all protocols used in government ID environments, including BAC, EAC, PACE, passive and active authentication.

Credence ID ECO-Identifier™ is a biometric identification terminal dedicated to secure identification for government and commercial identification projects. In addition to the Elyctis reader, it includes a FAP20 500 DPI fingerprint reader, a 5 MP camera with LED, a 4G modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and GPS, all running on an operating system Secure Android 11 (Google GMS Approved). The ECO-Identifier™ has already been selected for large-scale identification projects, and tens of thousands of devices are currently deployed with customers around the world.

Terminal delivery and deployment is secure as Elyctis and Credence ID have strong purchasing policies in place for their component supplies that ensure that products are readily available, despite ongoing shortages affecting component markets around the world. global scale.

“We know that Elyctis is a leader in the secure document reading category and features the best technology,” said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID. “We are very pleased that the ECO-Identifier includes this advanced functionality, which is an important feature that is driving large and early customer orders for this new product,” he continued.

Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis, added: “We are very proud to have been selected by Credence ID after their extensive benchmarking process. Credence ID has a strong position in the commercial and government identification markets with its long track record of providing exceptional biometric identification and document reading solutions.

About Trusted ID

Credence ID, LLC is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses on mobile ID, biometrics, and ID reading technology by providing an easy-to-use ID platform comprised of hardware , the CredenceSDK for developers and CredenceCONNECT™ for program administrators. The company provides extensive technical expertise for projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and ID reading, and offers a wide range of products capable of enrollment, identification, verification and software management tools through authorized partners worldwide.

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About Elyctis

Created in 2008, Elyctis’ mission is to provide system integrators with mobile and fixed equipment to access eID data (identity cards, passports, residence permits, driving licenses). The company specializes in the development, industrialization, production and marketing of readers and terminals dedicated to Secure Identity Documents including e-passports, e-identity cards, e-driving licenses, etc. The company, which today employs 25 people, has long-standing expertise in eID projects, as well as in hardware and software developments, particularly in the combination of optics, antenna design , high security software and integration. Elyctis sells its products through its network of distributors and system integrators, to whom it provides a development environment to facilitate the use of its readers. Elyctis is headquartered in Pertuis, France, and has a sales office in Hong Kong.

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Alexandre Joly, founder and CEO of Elyctis has been a laureate of Reseau Entreprendre since 2011, and laureate of the Reseau Entreprendre Ambition program in 2016.

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