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MILAN — On Monday, the fourth and final day of Milan Fashion Week’s menswear previews for next spring and summer, designers seemed to have gotten the job done.

Looks seemed more weather-appropriate than weekend, as the high temperatures served as a reminder that dressing in hot weather can mean overcast, but in a relaxed way that accommodates elegance and playfulness.

Highlights from Monday’s shows:


Against the onslaught of streetwear and dressing, Giorgio Armani defends elegance in all seasons.

The 87-year-old designer’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection mixes the classics with more unusual iterations, as the fashion world demands. Offering elegance is more and more a solitary job.

“I don’t know when we will feel the loss of the man who goes through life with such refinement,” the designer said after the show.

For its main line, Armani focused on relaxed, casual suits, for day or evening. There was movement in the baggy pants and jackets, but also in the repetitive graphic prints that create the effect of waves. Print-on-print looks are decidedly modern.

“It’s true that it’s nice to see a well-dressed man in a suit. But it’s also nice to see the evolution of fashion. Bring the basics, I’ve always done them in my life. It’s also true that (the market) demands novelty,” Armani said.

On that front, Armani has created tunic-length tops. Jackets and shirts have a shine rarely seen in menswear. A well-tied scarf replaces a shirt under an open jacket. A scarf creates a sweeping effect on a white suit.

The color palette was rooted in the seaside white and navy combo, blending into shimmering shades of blue and gray before exploding into combinations of purple, pink and seafoam green.

The shoe of the season is a no-frills espadrille, replacing the sneaker of past seasons, and which Armani himself wore, showing them off with a wry laugh. The caps had no brim, to better show the face.

“Acceptable. Credible. More assured,” Armani said when summarizing the collection.


Alessandro Michele has teamed up with Harry Styles for an off-season collection that combines couture with teenage freedom. The collection is called “HaHaHa”, exploiting a feeling of joy and also the expression of their initials: Harry and Alessandro.

“In truth, it was easier for him to play with me to design clothes than for me to sing with him,” Michele joked with reporters during a preview of the collection at a vintage store in Milan.

Harry Styles had just embarked on his solo career when Michele exploded into the fashion world offering what was a new era of flowing clothing, looks that immediately appealed to Styles. Michele said the singer incorporated one of his first pieces as creative director of Gucci into his wardrobe when he came out of “One Direction.”

The relationship has grown over the years and takes off in frequent fashion-inspired exchanges on WhatsApp.

“Sometimes WhatsApp becomes a mood board,” Michele said. Although two decades of age apart, the two have found common ground in fashion: Michele says Styles has restored a kind of teenage joy, while Styles has matured into more tailored looks. The double influence is present in the new collection.

The pair created a series of endearing prints against gingham, featuring the collection’s mascot, a grumpy teddy bear, as well as a munching squirrel and a combination of mutton and cherry. Gucci creates bespoke suit jackets from the prints and pairs them with colorful wide leg pants or distressed jeans. Prints are repeated on pajamas, while patches infuse fantasy on a knit or a ribbed white tank top. Accessories include an updated Jackie bag covered in eyelets.

Mixed on the shelves of the vintage store, the Gucci HaHaHa collection was often difficult to distinguish from the stock.

“It’s a big compliment to me that it’s mistaken for vintage,” Michele said. “Vintage means well made.”


French designer Louis-Gabriele Nouchi understood the mission of warm-weather dressing, creating easy-to-wear yet distinctive summer looks for Chinese brand Joeone, built around trousers.

Nouchi’s designs paired Chinese drapes with athletic hiking pants, including piping and secret utility pockets.

An impression of Wang Ximeng’s “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” Chinese landscape, with bold brushstrokes of blue, green and ocher, created the motif of the season. Paint details appear as a graphic print on wide leg trousers, but also in more subtly printed designs on jeans.

Shirtless models strolled through the sunny courtyard of Milan’s Sforzesco Castle, shirtless showing how the trousers sat perfectly on the waist.

“You have to wear the clothes to see the comfort. To be honest, pants are the most difficult piece to make in the male wardrobe,” Nouchi said. “They have to be functional, they have to be comfortable. They really set the tone of the silhouette, I think, more than the jacket.”


Zegna invited the fashion crowd for a sunset show atop its factory in the Piedmont region, overlooking a sprawling natural park owned by the Zegna family and highlighting the industry’s tight supply chain control. family business.

The collection was imbued with lightness, form and materials.

The shapes are essential, bordering on minimalism, ranging from sportswear with trousers or bermudas to tunics with inventive twists or intarsia knits reminiscent of impressionist landscapes. Finer knits were almost sheer, with hints of sheen that caught the glint of light. The bags include macrame shoulder bags.

The color palette of tobacco, brown, coffee with light blue and grounded dusty pink.

Zegna is moving towards a more sustainable use of materials, deploying fabric scraps and recycled materials, while maintaining strict control of its own supply chain from animal to fiber to garment, and investing in new sustainable production processes.

To that end, Zegna has pledged to plant 10,000 new trees in every city where it opens a new store from 2023.

]]> Lebanon elects record number of women to parliament https://aspect-sdm.org/lebanon-elects-record-number-of-women-to-parliament/ Sun, 19 Jun 2022 14:31:01 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/lebanon-elects-record-number-of-women-to-parliament/

BEIRUT — The Beirut port explosion prompted Najat Saliba to enter politics as a counter-reaction.

I felt like I had to get out of my ivory tower in academia and start pushing for a new way of life,” the atmospheric chemistry specialist told Al-Monitor. Today, Saliba is one of eight women representatives in the Lebanese parliament, a record number of women among the 128 seats. Lebanon has one of the highest overall gender gaps in the world, and some of these women are aiming to address this issue, now from within institutions.

“It is not easy to implement a gender agenda in a sexist parliament, but I will fight for it,” said Halime el-Kaakour. The newly elected MP is known for her feminist platform. “My expertise and beliefs in gender equality was one of the main reasons for attacks during my campaign, and it still continues,” Kaakour told Al-Monitor. But she’s not going to give up. As one of the faces of feminist demands during the October 17 Revolution protests in 2019, she pledged to work for better policies for women.

The 2022 legislative elections secured eight seats for female representatives, two more than the 2018 vote. But despite this progress, they represent only 6.25% of parliament. Half of these women, including Saliba and Kaakour, come from the protest movement. “It’s a big win for us women to show that we treat each other as equals,” Saliba said. It was a feminist revolution.

“You can’t talk about rights without including a feminist agenda. The revolution broke many barriers when it normalized discussion of women’s rights and gender issues in public spaces,” said Myriam Sfeir, Director of the Arab Institute for Women.

But almost two years later, the economic crisis and the critical social context exacerbated by the August 4 port explosion are used as an argument to tell activists and politicians that now is no longer the time to work for rights. women.

Lebanon has one of the highest overall gender gaps in the world, ranking 145 out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Gender Gap Report. Political representation is one of the most affected areas. Although they are very involved politically on the ground or through voting habits and have a higher level of education than others in the region, women have always been excluded from decision-making positions. in the public and private sectors.

It was not until 2004 that women participated for the first time in the Lebanese government with two female ministers.

Women in Lebanon suffer from this absence of representatives. For example, in the approved subsidized food basket launched a few months ago, women’s sanitary napkins were absent.

“There is no political will to have better policies for women because there is a lot of pushback in terms of changing the status quo,” Sfeir said. She doesn’t see more female reps as the solution to gender. inequality, since some of these newly elected parliamentarians do not defend women’s rights.

Our priority is to have men and women in parliament with a feminist agenda,” she said.

Saliba agreed, saying, “It would help us get rid of all these macho men who believe the world revolves around them and have established this male-dominated way of politics.”

Lebanese electoral law does not impose quotas on the party list, but there is also no gender quota in the political system.

“In a country obsessed with quotas, we don’t have gender quotas;It’s ironic,” Sfeir noted, referring to the quotas that organize the Lebanese political system according to religious sects.

A gender quota is an affirmative action measure used in many countries to ensure equal representation of men and women in public institutions. The Lebanese women’s rights movement has been pushing for this legislation for years, but it has yet to be approved.

“Women’s political participation and the quota is something that all parties agree on, but when it comes to endorsing it, no one wants to flag it as their fight,” Sfeir added.

The absence of a gender quota is one of the main reasons for the low representation of women in Lebanese politics. According to report entitled “Women’s Political Participation in Lebanon: Perspectives from Mount Lebanon” by the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation. Each of them must also face their own socio-economic barriers.

In the 2022 elections, 157 out of 1,043 the candidates in the running were women, which represents 15% of all the candidates. But the results showed one woman for every 18 men (5%) in the Lebanese parliament. And those who took their seats had to walk a rocky road to get there.

“I encountered more obstacles than men, especially with regard to violence against women in politics,” Kaakour said. “There were rumors about my personal life, which my male competitors didn’t have to deal with.” The author of the book “Journey of Lebanese Women in Parliament” thanked these men who helped her to fight these stereotypes “by deciding to support her”.

“As someone trying to swim against the tide, it’s very difficult to do my job because they try to harass us a lot, especially on social media,” Saliba said. UN Women Study of female candidates in the 2018 legislative elections, 78.6% said they had been exposed to various types of violence against women in politics. In 85% of these cases, it was psychological violence.

Hostile online and offline environments and the denial of media exposure and coverage are just other tools to deter women from political activity, locking them into traditional stereotypes and the realm of domestic life. . But the absence of women in an institution only shows the lack of representation of half the population, and this turns out to be one of the greatest threats to democracy.

Ezra Miller scandals put pressure on Warner Bros to respond to grooming allegations https://aspect-sdm.org/ezra-miller-scandals-put-pressure-on-warner-bros-to-respond-to-grooming-allegations/ Fri, 17 Jun 2022 20:59:19 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/ezra-miller-scandals-put-pressure-on-warner-bros-to-respond-to-grooming-allegations/

It’s time for Warner Bros. Discovery to talk about Ezra Miller, according to crisis management experts.

The actor, who plays superhero The Flash in the studio’s DC Extended Universe, including in an upcoming big-budget movie, has come under scrutiny in recent months for disturbing behavior and allegations of ‘misconduct.

Miller, 29, made headlines in 2020 after a video surfaced of them appearing to violently choke a fan. However, the incidents of impropriety escalated in 2022 when they were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii.

Hours before they were due in court in April on those charges, Miller was arrested again after an altercation in which they were accused of throwing a chair and injuring a woman.

Now, two protective orders have been granted, one for a 12-year-old child in Massachusetts and one for Gibson Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old Standing Rock activist, who was treated by Miller, according to parents Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle. Authorities were unable to locate Miller to serve these orders. Gibson is believed to be traveling with Miller.

Miller notably deleted his Instagram account earlier this week after he posted photos and cryptic messages that appeared to taunt the police.

The allegations against Miller come nearly a year before Warner Bros. is releasing “The Flash,” a $100 million movie that’s part of the studio’s DC franchise.

“When you start having a streak of things, that’s a worrying trend,” said Tony Freinberg, president of Edendale Strategies, a crisis management and strategic communications firm. “He’s worried about what he’s saying about someone’s well-being, and he’s worried about what he’s saying about someone’s fitness to be the face of a great Warner franchise. Bros.”

“Anything could be a misunderstanding,” he added. “But when you start getting into four, five, six things, you start getting into troubling territory.”

Miller’s talent agent and legal representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

“Silence is not an option,” said Evan Nierman, author of “Crisis Averted” and CEO of crisis PR firm Red Banyan. “At some point, by choosing not to say anything, you communicate a message.”

Warner Bros. had remained silent during Miller’s assault arrests earlier this year, but sources within the company said emergency meetings were held in April to discuss their recent controversies and how the studio would proceed going forward. At that time, it was determined that the film would stay on the slate, but Warner Bros. would put future projects involving the actor on hold.

The studio even teased “The Flash” during its presentation at CinemaCon in late April, suggesting that it still plans to release the film next year.

Miller has been associated with the DCEU since the release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016 and was a key part of the “Fantastic Beasts” film series produced by Warner Bros., which has two more films to film.

“If they’re hoping it’s going to go away or people are going to forget about it, I think they’re wrong,” Nierman said.

Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

The studio is in a difficult situation. On social media, DCEU fans are clamoring for Miller’s redesign. But that, and remaking a movie, is incredibly expensive, and the studio might not be able to earn enough box office profit to recoup its investment.

It’s also not as simple as shelving the film and writing off the multi-million dollar budget. Freinberg noted that Warner Bros. is probably evaluating every contract associated with the film to determine what he can legally do in the future.

If the actors or producers have incorporated the film’s proceeds into their contracts, Warner Bros. may be legally obligated to release the film, whether or not Miller violates the morality clauses of his own contract.

“I think Warner Bros. is in a horrible position,” Freinberg said. “It’s not typical for people to feel sorry for movie studios, but I’m really sorry for Warner Bros because they’re in a nightmare situation trying to figure out what to do because every option they have is bad.”

Warner Bros. recently merged with Discovery in a deal worth $43 billion, meaning the company’s top brass inherit not just the content, but the crises that come with it. Experts told CNBC that David Zaslav, president and CEO of the new Warner Bros. Discovery, is likely very involved in how the company will ultimately react to the situation.

Freinberg suggested that Warner Bros. could also refrain from speaking publicly about the Miller case because it is about allegations.

“An allegation is just an allegation, it’s not proven,” Freinberg said. “They are entitled to due process and everything else, but on the other hand, what is being said about them is very serious.”

Whatever decision Warner Bros. will be the studio’s strategy going forward, Freinberg and Nierman agree that it needs to be done quickly.

“The key for Warner Bros. is ‘to be fast but don’t rush,'” Freinberg said, citing basketball coach John Wooden. “There’s no time to waste, but they don’t want to announce something that’s half-baked.”

Nierman echoed that sentiment, noting that any statement must be communicated with transparency and authenticity — and that saying nothing would be a bad choice.

“If they were my client, I would recommend going public with a statement and doing it with a strategic outcome in mind,” Nierman said of Warner Bros. “If they know they intend to release the film, then explain why they’re not dropping the film at this point. Audiences and reasonable people would understand.

He added: “In a flash your reputation can evaporate, and for that reason they have to take it seriously.”

Parents, do you want to stop overdoing it? Research offers a clue. https://aspect-sdm.org/parents-do-you-want-to-stop-overdoing-it-research-offers-a-clue/ Mon, 13 Jun 2022 14:00:00 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/parents-do-you-want-to-stop-overdoing-it-research-offers-a-clue/
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Leidy Klotz, professor of engineering and architecture at the University of Virginia and father of two children, and Yael Schonbrun, clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University and mother of three children, pay less attention to their kids lately. And their children, these parents are convinced, are better off.

“I try to ignore them for a bit every day,” said Schonbrun, whose children are 5, 9 and 12. great, what did you find?’ ”

By sometimes taking their attention away from their children, Klotz and Schonbrun are applying a lesson learned from the research that Klotz, whose children are ages 7 and 3, has conducted over the past few years: it’s human nature to tend to solve problems by adding, even when subtraction would provide an objectively better result.

Klotz and his colleagues came to this conclusion by a series of creative experiments published in the journal Nature, which involved tasks such as repairing a Lego structure (removing a brick was the best solution), planning a vacation itinerary (more on this below) or trying to create a pattern of symmetrical squares (the key erased squares, without adding them). But it wasn’t until he made a desperate late-night purchase of a rocking contraption to soothe his newborn that Klotz came face to face with how the trend is affecting parenthood.

When she heard about the purchase, Schonbrun, who met Klotz through her podcast, “Psychologists Off the Clock,” pointed out that he had fallen into the very trap he had researched: his instinctive approach to solving the problem of a crying baby and a tired dad was to add another baby gadget rather than focus, for example, on a consistent sleep schedule.

Our 6 year old has a lot. How do you teach him to take care of others?

The fact that parents often overdo it at the expense of their children’s independence and a calmer family life is not a unique idea. There are books less is more like “The Good Enough Parent” Where “Hunt, Gather, Parent,” Where “The blessing of a scraped knee.There are experts who advocate “minimalist parenting,” or tell parents they should give their children less praise, less attention, fewer activities, and fewer toys. Research consistently shows a correlation between over-involved parents and troubled young adults like school burnoutinability to regulate their emotionsWhere anxiety and depression.

But Klotz’s research, which is also described in his 2021 book “Subtract: the untapped science at leasthelps us understand why parents often overdo it in a scientific way — and as a natural tendency rather than a parental failure. He and Schonbrun, author of the next “Work, Parent, Thrive: 12 Science-Based Strategies to Let Go of Guilt, Manage Overload, and Build Connection (When It All Seems Too Much)also have granular advice to resist the urge.

First, it helps understand why humans developed this mental shortcut. One theory is that it provided an evolutionary advantage – more food, more companions, more focus on children would increase a family’s chances of survival. And as civilizations grew, “addition was the best way,” Klotz said. “When you don’t have a road, when you don’t have a building, you don’t have any educational opportunities for your children, which makes sense.”

Schonbrun said there’s also a possible psychological reason for the propensity to add: humans’ eagerness to avoid uncertainty. “When we get really uncomfortable,” she said, “we want to develop a sense of certainty,” which we might try to do by adding something to ensure the desired results — let it be. whether it’s gathering more food so our kids don’t starve or enrolling them in other activities in hopes they’ll get into Harvard.

In addition to evolutionary and psychological imperatives, there could also be modern cultural influences at work, Schonbrun said. “We’ve really evolved into this culture of more is better…more parents, more culture, more cultivation of your kids’ interests, more activities, more diverse foods, talking to them more, you know, just more of everything.”

Although being in the grip of additive solutions is a propensity that humans generally have, Klotz and Schonbrun suspect that it is also one that parents, who are often under pressure and overwhelmed, could fall victim to. One of Klotz’s experiments showed that people operating under heavier cognitive load are more likely to rely on mental shortcuts and miss opportunities to subtract.

When overwhelmed parents don’t see the options to subtract, one of the results is overscheduling, he said. “We think so often about what we should do, what we should do, and very rarely about what we can stop doing. And so over time, we have more and more of that on our plates.

This tendency was painfully demonstrated by the experiment in which participants were asked to improve an itinerary for a day trip to Washington, DC. The itinerary as presented was essentially undoable as it contained 14 activities that required a two hour travel time (with no traffic). Yet only 1 in 4 participants deleted an activity.

Of course, whether it’s a day trip to DC or weeks filled with school, sports and activities, “we end up not having a very rich experience at all because we we’re stressed and overwhelmed,” Schonbrun said. “And yet, because of this excess and because of this systematic neglect of subtraction…we often find ourselves in this position. It’s sort of the fate of the modern parent, I think.

So what can parents do to stop this tendency to overburden their families until they are overwhelmed?

To be aware. “You can’t change a behavior unless you know you’re committed to it, because awareness has to come first before it comes, especially if it’s something you habitually do,” Schonbrun said. .

Remember you can subtract. When researchers asked certain participants in experiments what they could add or subtract, those participants were more likely to see the subtractive changes as beneficial. (Once you start looking for them, it’s hard not to see aspects of modern parenting that could be subtracted: goodie bags, sports snacks, participation trophies, preparing lunches, folding laundry, worrying about eaters. difficult!)

Why you shouldn’t insist that your child is a picky eater

Klotz suggests setting reminders as you make decisions — about schedules, for example, or house rules. “So going back to the to-do list, for example, if you’re doing this every week, but you’ve also challenged yourself to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to think of things to quit when I do my to-do list,” then you get past that first hurdle of not thinking about subtraction.

Keep in mind that saying no is not subtracting. “Even when you say no to something, you say no to a new activity, it doesn’t relieve you,” Klotz said. “It just prevents it from being added.”

Consider your core values ​​when making decisions about what to subtract. Schonbrun says questions to ask can include, “What does this mean to me? What does that mean? What’s the reason I’m doing this? If the activity you’re engaging in doesn’t reflect your values ​​and, on top of that, makes your life more stressful and hectic, it might be time to let it go.

This approach doesn’t mean you can never add. “I think the bottom line here is that we want people to consider both options regardless,” Klotz said. Schonbrun agreed: “Being able to really reflect, Should I add or should I subtract given how I want to build my life is really a useful thing to deliberately contemplate.

Do you have a question about parenthood? Ask for La Poste.

]]> Biden’s open border is an open invitation to terror attacks https://aspect-sdm.org/bidens-open-border-is-an-open-invitation-to-terror-attacks/ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 22:03:30 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/bidens-open-border-is-an-open-invitation-to-terror-attacks/

We saw two examples late last month alone of the enormous national security threat we face from President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

First, we learned that a man on the terrorist watch list was allowed to enter the United States and that it took 13 days for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to obtain clearance to re-arrest him. The same day, the news has fallen that the FBI had uncovered an ISIS plot to smuggle alien assassins into the United States across the southern border to kill former President George W. Bush.

As Border Patrol and ICE experts have warned, open borders welcome terrorists.

In a September Memo to ICE’s acting director, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas described national security threats as the top priority for immigration enforcement. The note said in part:

A non-national who has engaged in or is suspected of terrorism or espionage, or activities related to terrorism or espionage, or who otherwise poses a danger to national security, is a priority for arrest and the distance.

If the department’s actions matched Mayorkas’ words, it might be consistent with the Department of Homeland Security’s true mission; namely, to protect the homeland. Unfortunately, Biden’s DHS doesn’t really follow with law enforcement and safeguarding our country.

Biden’s DHS captured and released more than 756,000 extraterrestrials (including 125,000 mostly contrabandunaccompanied children) at the southern border under the preposterous idea that they will honor their notices to report to ICE facilities or notices to appear in immigration court.

These figures do not even include the more than 620,000 “getaways.” In total, this amounts to nearly 1.4 million unscreened foreigners who crossed the border under this administration.

With these record border encounters and escapes, and only 42 migrants on terrorism watch list apprehended at the border under Biden, there is a huge likelihood that more suspected terrorists are currently in the country. We just don’t know How many managed to escape overwork, underfunded Border Patrol.

After 9/11, countless hours of work went into creating flight and visa screening systems. Tools such as the terrorist screening database, the no-fly list and the visa security program are effective, but become meaningless if terrorists can illegally cross the porous southwest border and bypass the entire verification process.

For example, one thing the Terrorist Tracking Database is designed to track is special interest aliens, illegal immigrants with unusual travel patterns that could potentially indicate threats to national security. Border Patrol agents apprehended foreigners from 157 different countries At the border.

With an alarming number of aliens being smuggled into the United States and minimal operational border control under current conditions, there is absolutely no way to quickly and effectively screen aliens from so many different countries. It is therefore not surprising that now aliens with vested interests can easily enter the United States without surveillance.

It is evident that the reckless policies of the Biden administration (including the attempt to lift the title 42) continue to exacerbate the border crisis it has created and to open our country’s borders to terrorist threats from around the world.

Recently, an Iraqi native, identified as Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, was arrested in connection with a alleged conspiracy assassinate Bush.

Shihab is bound both to Al-Raed (a terrorist group based in Qatar) and to the Islamic State. He was allowed to enter the United States on a nonimmigrant visa and currently has an asylum claim pending. It is said that he regularly monitored Bush’s home and offices, and purchased the firearms and vehicles needed to carry out the assassination attempt.

The plot against Bush was advanced, strategic and targeted. It is perhaps unsurprising that Shihab planned to smuggle terrorists into the United States through the open southern border to carry out the plot.

Shihab, a former member of the Baath Party and current political exile from Iraq, was in alliance along with more than six other Al-Raed and ISIS affiliates. The group used the instant messaging app WhatsApp to coordinate plans and tasks. Shihab was unaware that the group chat included FBI informants.

He boasted that he had already smuggled Hezbollah operatives across the southern border, was willing to smuggle families for cash and planned to help others involved in the assassination plot get in also illegally at the southern border.

This advanced plot to take the life of a former US president confirms that a weakened border creates an environment for terrorist attacks to germinate.

In other Example of the Biden DHS’s failure to carry out its mission, a suspected terrorist was released in the United States with a GPS tracking device as an “alternative to detention” (which we know is a fake replacement for the detention of foreigners). After the FBI flagged the possible threat, ICE was unable to obtain authorization to arrest him until 13 days later.

Such a stranger should never have been allowed into our communities and our streets, and the administration should be ashamed of itself for delaying his re-arrest.

Biden and Mayorkas repeatedly claim, even as they ICE and Customs and Border Protection resources, that they focus on the worst threats to national security. To them it always and only ever seems to mean white supremacy. As for the 42 aliens on Terrorist Screening Database? No need to follow them.

To bar from Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas has completely neglected his duty by having no sort of answer regarding the location of the suspected terrorists caught trying to infiltrate our southern border.

The Open Border is no joke or game. Allowing unscreened or poorly vetted foreigners into the country is irresponsible at best and is deliberately gambling with american lives.

Biden’s weak policies allow smugglers and terrorists to exploit an underdefended southern border, and as a result, American citizens are at increased risk of potential terrorist attacks.

The ramifications of the Biden administration’s open-border policies have already been exposed. If terrorists can easily pose as asylum seekers and abuse the law so blatantly, it begs the question: how many domestic terrorist attacks are currently being planned?

Biden’s border crisis is not just a border crisis, nor simply an illegal immigration problem. It’s the most obvious, preventable national security threat we face.

Congress must do everything possible to neutralize this threat.

This piece originally appeared in The daily signal

World trade is expected to slow further in the coming months https://aspect-sdm.org/world-trade-is-expected-to-slow-further-in-the-coming-months/ Sun, 05 Jun 2022 06:16:00 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/world-trade-is-expected-to-slow-further-in-the-coming-months/

Doha: Few indicators express the overall health of the world economy as well as trade data. Supported by real cross-border transactions, trade data captures the demand for key products and factors of production, such as physical consumer goods, capital goods, basic inputs and raw materials.

Therefore, global trade data tends to be highly sensitive to macroeconomic conditions, moving with cycles of economic expansion and contraction.

Recently, after the sharp but short-lived collapse in activity following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, global trade has rebounded strongly.

In fact, according to the Netherlands Central Planning Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB NEPA), global trade volumes have jumped 30% since the depths of the Great Pandemic Recession, far exceeding levels pre-pandemic and comfortably reaching all-time highs. Surprisingly, this happened even as severe pandemic-driven bottlenecks and supply chain constraints persisted in some key segments, such as chip production and port congestion due to recent lockdowns in China.

However, global trade volume data tends to give us a picture of the recent past rather than the present or the coming future. CPB NEPA data, for example, is released with a three-month lag, which means its recent printout reflects trading volumes from February 2022. That’s why we prefer to look at other points of view. data that tends to predict trade volume data, rather than looking at it upside down.

In our view, leading indicators suggest that global trade will slow sharply in the coming months. Three main points underlie our analysis.

First, high-frequency data from major key economies (the United States, European Union and Japan) are already pointing to weakening global trade growth. Flash surveys of the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) have recorded consecutive months of slowing new export orders from advanced economies, showing contraction momentum for the first time since December 2020, when the recovery after the pandemic shock has grown. This corresponds to a significant deceleration in trade growth among top reporting Asian exporters (South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan), which tend to lead global trade patterns, given the key role they play in the supply chain. supply chain for large multinationals. . Such moves indicate a sharp slowdown in overall world trade.

Second, investor expectations for future earnings from the transportation sector, a key indicator of future growth in global trade, had also begun to point to weak demand for physical goods. The Dow Jones Transportation Average, a stock market index comprised of airlines, trucking, shipping, rail and delivery, whose performance outpaces global exports by about 3 months, peaked in March of the year last, dropping considerably since then. The index signals not only a significant deceleration in growth, but also a contraction in world trade over the coming months.

Third, structural factors also point to a more persistent weakening in demand for consumer goods. Trade growth during the global recovery has been driven by exceptional demand for physical goods during the pandemic. This was caused by stimulus measures and a temporary shift in spending patterns away from services, as social distancing measures limited face-to-face business and the service economy.

Additionally, after most major economies “reopened” as the effect of the pandemic waned, trade was also supported by the need to replenish low inventories. But all of these factors are already starting to reverse, in a move that will likely accelerate in the second half of this year.

A strong economic recovery and successful mass vaccination campaigns led to a withdrawal of stimulus measures and a rebalancing of spending habits towards services. Demand for physical goods, such as electronics and home building equipment, has been “pulled forward” or anticipated in time during the pandemic, meaning there will likely be a long period of lower demand for these goods in the near future. Inventory levels are also rapidly normalizing across the board. With lower spending on consumer goods, capital goods and an accumulation of inventories, the current deceleration in global trade is expected to accelerate.

Overall, global trade volumes have already peaked for this cycle and are expected to deteriorate significantly in the short to medium term.

This is a further indication of the difficult macroeconomic environment ahead, as the global growth outlook darkens.

SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER – Newsshooter https://aspect-sdm.org/sumolight-sumolaser-newsshooter/ Fri, 03 Jun 2022 02:35:08 +0000 https://aspect-sdm.org/sumolight-sumolaser-newsshooter/

German lighting company SUMOLIGHT has announced SUMOLASER, a daylight point source designed for cinema and broadcast applications, live events and architecture.

SUMOLASER is based on a new class of laser emitters, which can put a precision beam of light on a stage or shoot miles into the sky. Although weighing only 10.8 lbs / 4.9 kg, this new fixture is capable of producing outputs that can compete with traditional 18 kW HMI daylight sources weighing more than ten times as much. The laser module measures 8.03 x 7.65 x 7.56″ / 204 x 194 x 192 mm (HxWxL), and the Yoke-Mount and Control Box, spigot, 7-engine module together measures 18.9 x 11, 42 x 12.6″ (H x W x L) / 480 x 290 x 320mm. The front of the module measures 7.65″ / 194mm.

Each SUMOLASER includes a 7-motor laser module producing 3 degree beam angles that combine to form a tight beam seamless beam. If you combine multiple units together, the beam width increases but the angle remains the same. This allows for greater output and a fuller, fatter pencil beam.

SUMOLASER has a fixed color temperature of 6000°K and consumes 175W of power. It can produce 150,000 lux / 45,700 foot candles measured at 328 feet / 100 m.

SUMOLASER is fully modular, with individual units that come in a convenient hexagonal shape. Each fixture can be individually controlled via DMX or a local touchscreen, and they can also be integrated into custom combinations. The SUMOSNAP one-click quick-release connection system makes it easy and safe to combine multiple devices to create larger and more powerful networks. The fixture also uses a secure screwless interface so you can mount it to truss systems, standard junior pins, and other gripping hardware.

SUMOLASER is IP65 rated for safety compliance under all conditions, so it is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

There is currently no pricing or availability information. The SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER will debut at CineGear 2022 next week.