Biometrics – Aspect SDM Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:35:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Biometrics – Aspect SDM 32 32 Idemia director says new innovations could improve privacy of biometric data at EU borders Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:35:21 +0000

EU member states and biometric product providers are broadly ready to implement the entry/exit system as soon as it comes online, as seen during an EU industry roundtable -LISA, although work continues on important details, from how to assess data used for training algorithms to how biometrics can provide high assurance of identity claims without creating the potential for compromise of privacy.

The event focusing on “biometric technologies in identity management and verification” was held in Strasbourg on 16 June. The event also included a series of presentations from biometrics vendors and researchers on topics related to border biometrics deployments.

A series of officials from EU countries and eu-LISA itself set the scene with a series of presentations, followed by a session on passenger processing at land and sea ports. Presentations were made by representatives of Isorg, Jenetric, NTT Data and Idemia. A final series of Identity Management as a Service presentations included InnoValor, iProov, Innovatrics, SITA and Augmentiq.

Read ID and InnoValor’s iProov each discussed the technology being used with Eurostar, focusing on things people can do on their own in advance, with their own devices, to speed up border processes, as did presentations by Innovatrics and SITA.

Coming stronger privacy protections

Vincent Bouatou, Head of Strategic Innovation, Public Safety and Identity at Idemia, presented the company’s perspective on improving biometric applications to protect user privacy.

Bouatou described the workflow of a typical interaction between a service provider and a user, secured by an attribute challenge and response, then compared it to a minimal disclosure architecture enabled by biometrics via a third party of confidence.

This system works very well in theory, but is “a little problematic” in practice, he says.

Centralized databases, smart cards or personal documents such as biometric passports or personal devices can be used in such architectures, but each entails its own limitations, according to Bouatou.

Technologies and approaches such as homomorphic encryption, multiparty computation, and verifiable computing can help. Homomorphic encryption can be used with a centralized database to secure access without decrypting biometric data, with multi-party computing preventing manipulation in the back-end. The proof of calculation can allow an airline or an airport to verify that the response received is indeed the result of the comparison of the data submitted with the reference data issued by a trusted authority (such as a passport photo).

The relatively new technologies suggested by Bouatou are not yet mature and ready for production, he warns. However, they will remain areas of interest for their potential to improve the privacy of many digital ID systems around the world, and in particular massive EES.

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Complete biometric smart card solution enabled by IDEX Biometrics and Linxens Mon, 20 Jun 2022 06:00:00 +0000


Fully integrated solution simplifies development, speeds time to market and reduces costs for smart card manufacturers

Oslo, Norway – June 20, 2022 – IDEX Biometrics ASA and Linxens Holding SAS today announced an agreement whereby Linxens becomes a global provider of IDEX’s complete turnkey biometric smart card solution, leveraging the technologies and expertise of both companies. This allows card manufacturers to accelerate the development of smart cards incorporating the most powerful fingerprint sensor available.

As part of the agreement, IDEX customers will receive a turnkey solution integrating:

  • the TrustedBio™ biometric module from IDEX Biometrics, consisting of a fingerprint sensor coupled to a microcontroller running proprietary imaging algorithms;

  • Linxens BioLAM® card inlay, offering optimized connectivity and NFC antenna design; and

  • Linxens EMV1 module, consisting of an optimized contact plate packaged with an SLC38 security microcontroller, the latest generation secure element from Infineon Technologies AG.

The SLC38 will have the following proprietary software pre-encoded:

  • IDEX Biometrics’ custom Java Card operating system, designed to maximize biometric functionality; and

  • IDEX Biometrics’ special-purpose Java applets, providing full transactional interoperability with EMV-compliant networks.

Smart card manufacturers can customize elements of the solution, depending on the application. The solution will be compatible with standard smart card manufacturing equipment and hot lamination processes.

Vince Graziani, Managing Director of IDEX Biometrics, said, “We are delighted to announce this important collaboration with Linxens, the global leader in smart card inlays, NFC antennas and contact pads. The combination of design leadership, technical expertise and high quality manufacturing has made Linxens the leading supplier to smart card manufacturers. With seven manufacturing plants around the world and a new biometric “center of excellence” at its plant in Mantes-la-Jolie, France, Linxens is firmly committed to facilitating the rapid growth of smart cards incorporating authentication by fingerprints. This combined solution enables smart card manufacturers to significantly reduce design time, minimize manufacturing and supply chain challenges, and accelerate time to market, all of which helps lower costs. . »

Cuong H. Duong, President and CEO of Linxens, said, “This development with IDEX Biometrics is timely, given the momentum IDEX Biometrics has established with its TrustedBio/SLC38 reference design. We anticipate that our collaboration with IDEX Biometrics will be an important contributor to our strategic initiative in fingerprint biometrics, which we believe is rapidly becoming a key component of authentication and data security in card-based applications. , including payments, access control, healthcare, transportation and a range of identification uses.

For more information, contact:
Marianne Bøe, Head of Investor Relations
Tel: + 47 918 00186

Brett L Perry, US Investor Relations
Tel: + 1 214 272 0070

About IDEX Biometrics
IDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE:IDEX and Nasdaq:IDBA) is a leading provider of fingerprint identification technology providing simple, secure and personal authentication for everyone. We help people make payments, prove their identity, access information, or unlock devices with the tap of a finger. We invent, design and market these secure, yet incredibly user-friendly solutions. Our total addressable market represents a rapidly growing multi-billion unit opportunity.
For more information, visit

About Linxens
Linxens is a global technology leader. With more than 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, Linxens relies on the expertise and know-how of its 3,000 talents to design and manufacture flexible electronics in reel-to-reel format for smart cards and RFID antennas. .
A specialist in the manufacture of secure electronic components for smart cards, Linxens’ solutions are used worldwide in various applications in markets such as banking, telecoms, government and health, and to ensure the control of access, asset tracking, authentication and identity.
With production sites and R&D centers in Europe and Southeast Asia, Linxens is the partner of choice to support its customers in the development of tailor-made solutions or to ensure large-scale production anywhere in the world, for all markets.

For more information, visit

IDEX, TrustedBio, IDEX Biometrics and the IDEX logo are registered trademarks owned by IDEX Biometrics ASA. All other brand or product names are the property of their respective owners.

1 EMVCo, LLC maintains technical standards for smart cards used in payment applications. It is a consortium owned and overseen by its six member organizations: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa.

Trust Stamp partners with IdRa Sat, 18 Jun 2022 14:15:25 +0000

Atlanta, Georgia, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trust Stamp (IDAI, Euronext Growth: AIID ID), the confidential first identity companyMT providing AI-powered identity and trust services used globally across multiple industries, announces a partnership with IdRamp, a leader in decentralized identity orchestration products and services. Together, they will launch an innovative multi-factor biometric authentication (“MFA”) offering that can be complemented by a range of industry-leading access management, social login and bring your own identity services, all through the system. without IdRamp code. Platform.

Leveraging the company’s advanced biometric tokenization technology, Trust Stamp’s transformative approach to Biometric MFAMT streamlines confidence building with a simple selfie. With a global increase in cybercrime associated with digital operations, the high security and ease of use of biometric MFAMT make it a powerful complement to authentication processes at all risk levels, from standard account access to authenticating financial transactions.

Alongside Trust Stamp’s simplified identity offerings, IdRamp offers dynamic orchestration of Zero Trust identities via passwordless credentials on a no-code basis. Organizations can leverage leading vendor identity solutions from a single location, enabling rapid custom implementation of strong multi-factor authentication workflows. IdRamp simplifies identity orchestration across disparate systems to strengthen and accelerate identity assurance.

Trust Stamp’s Commercial Director Kinny Chan comments: “IdRamp uniquely complements Trust Stamp’s biometric MFA and custom end-to-end identity workflow solutions with a platform that enables frictionless migration between identity providers. By unifying best-in-class identity services in a no-code platform, IdRamp delivers the best in identity authentication while addressing complex and evolving assurance needs across individual touchpoints for efficient digital operations and fraud resistant.

Trust Stamp’s biometric authentication and tokenization technology delivered through the IdRamp platform addresses a pressing market need for security, flexibility and speed in building trust. This partnership expands the reach of our biometric technology to deliver significant value to IdRamp’s impressive customer base. With a shared focus on data privacy, protection, security and usability, we look forward to continuing our strategic work with the IdRamp team.

Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, comments: “Our customers manage digital ID in a wide variety of disparate environments. They need robust, flexible and easy-to-use fraud protection. Trust Stamp transforms digital identity with world-class biometric security, rock-solid data protection and state-of-the-art fraud detection. Combined with IdRamp’s decentralized orchestration platform, Trust Stamp will plug and play in any combination of multi-cloud, multi-IDP and even Web3.0 environments. This powerful combination delivers unparalleled agility and superior Zero Trust fraud protection for any digital ecosystem. No codes, no passwords and no costly and slow migrations required. »

Eask for information

Trust stamp email: [email protected]

Gareth Genner, Managing Director

Nisha Naik, Executive Vice President of Communications

Davy (Euronext Growth Advisor) Tel: +353 1 679 6363

Barry Murphy

Investor Relations Tel: +1 212-671-1021

Crescendo Communication E-mail: [email protected]

About the trust stamp

Trust stampprivacy identity company firstMT, is a global provider of AI-powered identity services for use in many industries, including banking and finance, regulatory compliance, government, real estate, communications and humanitarian services. Its technology provides organizations with advanced biometric identity solutions that reduce fraud, protect the privacy of personal data, increase operational efficiency and reach a wider user base worldwide through its unique transformation and data comparison.

Located in seven countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Trust Stamp trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market ( IDAI) and Euronext Growth in Dublin (Euronext Growth: AIID identifier). Founded in 2016 by Gareth Genner and Andrew Gowasack, the company now employs over 100 people.

About IdRamp

IdRamp provides identity orchestration for a multicloud and decentralized Web3.0 world. We automate composable enterprise so your organization can deploy apps and services wherever you want, using the identity capabilities you need. IdRamp provides Zero Trust control over disparate multi-cloud environments, credential systems and applications. Combine traditional identity management with the latest web3.0 innovation and blockchain identity. Design distinct user experiences with any combination of features, including biometrics, fraud detection, MFA, document verification and more. IdRamp is built on open standards. As a founding member and director of the Trust Over IP Foundation, the Linux Foundation Cardea project, Indico administrator and node operator, and network manager Sovrin, IdRamp is committed to interoperability open source for industry-leading security, privacy, and agility.

Safe Harbor Statement: Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Remarks

All statements in this release that are not based on historical facts are “forward-looking statements”, including within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The information in this announcement may contain forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, its business plan and strategy, and its industry. These statements reflect management’s current beliefs regarding information based on future events currently available and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the company’s actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they are made. The Company undertakes no obligation to revise or update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after such date or to reflect the occurrence of unforeseen events.

Trust-stamp.png ]]> Impressive Military Biometrics Market Gains – Designer Women Thu, 16 Jun 2022 13:08:46 +0000

New research on the Military Biometrics Market was conducted across a variety of industries in various regions to yield over 250 page reports. This study is a perfect blend of qualitative and quantifiable information highlighting key market developments, industry and competitor challenges in gap analysis and new opportunities and may be trending in the market. military biometrics of users. Some are part of the coverage and are the main and emerging players profiled 3M Cogent, Inc., Crossmatch, M2SYS Technology, NEC Corporation, Safran Identity and Security, Aware, Inc., BIO-Key International, Inc., Fulcrum Biometrics LLC, HID Global Corporation

Get Free Sample PDF Copy Of Military Biometrics Market Here @:

Import and export policies that can have an immediate impact on the global military biometrics market. This study includes EXIM* related chapters for all concerned companies dealing with the Military Biometrics market and related profiles and provides valuable data in terms of financials, product portfolio, investment planning, and marketing & strategy commercial. The study is a collection of primary and secondary data that contains valuable insights from leading market vendors. Forecasts are based on data from 2015 to present date and forecasts to 2030, Easy to analyze other charts and tables People looking for key industry data in easily accessible documents.

Military Biometrics Breakdown Data by TypeFingerprint RecognitionFace RecognitionIris RecognitionOtherMilitary Biometrics Breakdown Data by ApplicationAirborneNavalLand-Based

Quantifiable data:
• Military Biometrics Market Data Breakdown by Key Geography, Type and Application/End User
• Military biometrics by type (past and planned)
• Sales and growth rate of applications specific to the military biometrics market (historical and forecast)
• Military Biometrics Revenue and Growth Rate by Market (Historical and Forecast)
• Military Biometrics Market Size and Growth Rate, Application and Type (Past and Forecast)
• Military Biometrics Market revenue, volume and annual growth rate (base year),

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Key Research: Primary sources are experts from the military biometrics industry, including management organizations, processing organizations, and analytical service providers that address the value chain of industry organizations. We interviewed all major sources to collect and certify qualitative and quantitative information and to determine future prospects. Through interviews with industry experts, specifically the military biometrics industry, such as CEO, VP, CMO, CTO, Founder, and key business executives and key institutions in major biomass waste containers around the world.

Secondary research: Secondary research studies the essential information about the industrial value chain, core people and applications. We have also contributed to market segmentation based on lowest industry level, geographic markets and key market developments and technology driven core development.

Qualitative Data: Includes factors affecting or influencing market dynamics and market growth. To list certain names in related sections

• Industry overview
• Growth engine of the global military biometrics market
• Global military biometrics market trend
• Military biometric incarceration
• Military biometrics market opportunity
• Market entropy ** [specially designed to emphasize market aggressiveness]
• Fungal analysis
• Porter Five Army model

Regional and country reports specific to military biometrics customized for the following areas.

• North America: United States, Canada and Mexico.
• South and Central America: Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
• Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.
• Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia.
• Asia-Pacific: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.

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** The contract is valued on the basis of the weighted average selling price (WASP) and includes the taxes applicable to the manufacturer. All currency conversions used in the creation of this report have been calculated using a certain 2021 annual average currency conversion rate.

The research provides answers to the following key questions:

1) Who are the main competitors in the global military biometrics market?

Here is the list of players: 3M Cogent, Inc., Crossmatch, M2SYS Technology, NEC Corporation, Safran Identity and Security, Aware, Inc., BIO-Key International, Inc., Fulcrum Biometrics LLC, HID Global Corporation

2) What is the expected market size and growth rate of the Military Biometrics market for the period 2022-2030?

** Values ​​marked with an XX are confidential data. To learn more about the CAGR figures, fill in your information so that our specific military biometrics industry expert can contact you. please email us at

3) What are the major key regions covered in military biometrics reports?

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, consumption, revenue (million USD), market share and growth rate of User Authentication Solution in these regions, from 2022 to 2030 (forecast), covering America North, Europe and Asia-Pacific. etc

4) Can I include additional segmentation/market segmentation for the military biometrics industry?

we suggest you make a sample request about military biometrics, and take a look at our full coverage of military biometrics report after that you can let us know if you want to add anything more as per the requirements of your current project.

Some of the Points Covered in the Global Military Biometrics Market Research Report are:

Chapter 1: Global Military Biometrics Market Overview (2015-2030)
• Definition of military biometrics
• Military biometric specifications
• Military biometric classification
• Military biometric applications
• Military biometric regions

Chapter 2: Military Biometrics Market Competition by Players/Suppliers 2021 and 2022
• Structure of manufacturing costs of military biometrics
• Raw material and suppliers of military biometrics
• Manufacturing process of military biometrics
• Industry chain structure of military biometrics

Chapter 3: Military Biometrics Sales (Volume) and Revenue (Value) by Region (2015-2022)
• Sales
• Turnover and market share

Chapter 4, 5 and 6: Global Military Biometrics Market by Type, Application and Player/Supplier Profiles (2015-2022)
• Military Biometrics Market Share by Type and Application
• Military Biometrics growth rate by type and application
• Drivers and opportunities of military biometrics
Financial information on the military biometrics company


Note: Regional breakdown and purchase by section available. We provide circular cats. Best customized reports according to your specific needs.

About Us is a global provider of market research and advisory services specializing in offering a wide range of business solutions to its clients, including market research reports, primary and secondary research, demand forecasting services, focus group analytics and other services. We understand how important data is in today’s competitive environment and so we have partnered with industry leading research providers who are constantly working to meet the ever-increasing demand for research reports. market throughout the year.

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Collectively Comprehensive Study of Biometric Facial Voice Market 2022 Tue, 14 Jun 2022 06:41:05 +0000

Facial Voice Biometrics Market

The recent research report on the Global Biometric Voice Face Market 2022-2028 explains current market trends, possible growth rate, differentiable industry strategies, future prospects, significant players and their profiles, regional analysis and industry shares along with details of the forecasts. The detailed study offers a wide range of considerable information which also underlines the significance of key parameters of the global Facial Voice Biometrics Market.

Market is expected to reach an increase at a CAGR of 22% during the forecast period

(Exclusive offer: 30% flat rate discount on this report)

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Top Key Players are covered in this report:

Apple, NEC Corporation, ImageWare System, Cognitec, Atos, Nuance Communications, FaceFirst, Fujitsu, M2SYS, Suprema, Synaptics, ZK

Based on the product, the Biometric Voice Face The market is mainly divided into

  • Facial biometrics
  • Voice biometrics

Based on end users/application, this report covers

  • Bank, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Government
  • Military and Defense
  • Health care
  • Others

The regions are further subdivided into:

– North America (NA) – United States, Canada and Mexico

– Europe (EU) – UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and rest of Europe

-Asia-Pacific (APAC) – China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and rest of APAC

-Latin America (LA) – Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and rest of Latin America

– The Middle East and Africa (MEA) – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa

Key Highlights of the Facial Voice Biometrics Market Report:

  • A detailed overview of the global facial voice biometrics industry
  • The report analyzes the global Facial Voice Biometrics market and provides its stakeholders with important actionable insights
  • The report has considered all the major developments in the recent past, helping the users of the report with the latest industry updates
  • The study of the report is expected to help the key decision makers in the industry to help them in the decision-making process
  • The study encompasses data on Face Voice Biometrics market intelligence, changing market dynamics, current and expected market trends, and more.
  • The report includes an in-depth analysis of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors affecting the global Facial Voice Biometrics market
  • Market ecosystem and adoption in all market regions
  • Key trends shaping the global facial voice biometrics market
  • Historical and forecast size of the Face Voice Biometrics Market in terms of Revenue (USD Million)


Market segment analysis:

The Face Voice Biometrics report provides a primary industry review along with definitions, classifications, and enterprise chain form. Market analysis is provided for global markets which includes improving trends, assessment of hostile views and development of key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed in addition to manufacturing strategies and royalty systems are also analyzed. This file also indicates import/export consumption, supply and demand, expenses, sales and gross margins.

Browse the full report at:

Research covers the following objectives:

– To study and analyze the global Facial Voice Biometrics consumption by key regions/countries, product type and application, history data from 2016 to 2022, and forecast to 2026.

– To understand the structure of Face Voice Biometric by identifying its various subsegments.

– Focuses on the key global Facial Voice Biometrics manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, SWOT analysis and development plans over the next few years.

– To analyze the Face Voice Biometric with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects, and their contribution to the total market.

– Share detailed information on key factors influencing market growth (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

– To project the consumption of Face Voice Biometrics submarkets, with respect to key regions (along with their respective key countries).

Report customization:

Face Voice Biometric, the report can be customized to suit your business needs as we recognize what our clients want, we have extended customization by 25% at no additional cost to all of our clients for any of our syndicated reports.

In addition to customizing our reports, we also offer fully customized research solutions to our clients across all industries we track.

Our research and insights help our clients identify compatible business partners.

To note: All of the reports we list tracked the impact of COVID-19 on the market. In doing so, the upstream and downstream flows of the entire supply chain have been taken into account. Additionally, where possible, we will provide an additional COVID-19 update report/supplement to the Q3 report, please check with the Commercial team.

About Us:

Research Insights – A global leader in analytics, research and advice that can help you renew your business and change your approach. With us, you will learn to make decisions without fear. We make sense of disadvantages, opportunities, circumstances, estimates and information using our experienced skills and verified methodologies. Our research reports will give you an exceptional experience of innovative solutions and results. We have effectively led businesses around the world through our market research reports and are in an excellent position to lead digital transformations. Therefore, we create greater value for customers by presenting advanced opportunities in the global market.

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Commercial director

Contact number: +91-996-067-0000

[email protected]

Neurosurgery Software Market Demand and Future Scope with Russia-Ukraine Crisis Impact Analysis – Advantis, Synaptive Medical, Renishaw, Cometa, OT Bioelettronica, mediCAD, Tobii Group, inomed, Elekta, MIE, Delsys, Shimmer , Biometrics, Mevis Informática Médica develops – Indian Defense News Sun, 12 Jun 2022 14:18:25 +0000

The report gives an abstract and quantitative examination of the Global Neurosurgery software The review is based on the neurosurgery software division which focuses on monetary and non-monetary factors that impact the improvement of neurosurgery software. The report joins a real scene that concludes the market position in the focal parts, including new aids offered, things shipments, business associations, combinations, and acquisitions in the past five years.

Companies operating in neurosurgery software
Advantis, Synaptive Medical, Renishaw, Cometa, OT Bioelettronica, mediCAD, Tobii Group, inomed, Elekta, MIE, Delsys, Shimmer, Biometrics, Mevis Informática Médica develops

The report highlights emerging examples, with key drivers, risks, and likely entry points into neurosurgery software. The crucial creators across the globe in Global Neurosurgery Software are arranged in the report. Considering these elements introduced in neurosurgery software, neurosurgery software all over the world is categorized into different segments. The part mastered neurosurgery software and held the largest piece of neurosurgery software in the world in 2020, and continues to rule the market in 2021 are positive in the report.

We have recent neurosurgery software updates in the sample [email protected]

Considering the usage, neurosurgery software all over the world is categorized into different application sections. The application section that is counted on to handle the neurosurgery software pie slice in the coming years is highlighted and thoughtful in the report. The indispensable components for advancement in this application segment are explained in the report. The areas that handled the largest share of neurosurgery software earnings globally in 2022 are considered in the report. In addition, we count on him to continue to take the advantage over his opponents in the time frame considered and taken into account in the report. The ground establishment and innumerable ship monitoring system software associations in these regions are arranged in the report.

By Product Type, the market is primarily split into:

By end users/application, this report covers the following segments:
Hospital, Clinic, Others

Report elements:
• New game plans and engagements that market players can dream up are similarly discussed in the report.
• Possible entry points for business pioneers and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are associated with neurosurgery software worldwide.
• New things and organizations that are thriving in this rapidly advancing worldwide Neurosurgery Software monetary environment are discussed in the report.
• The report explains how certain advancement items, market frameworks, or game plans could help highlight players.
• Paid open entries and growing new game plans are discussed in the report.
• The indisputable characteristics of each part and the open entries of the market are explained in the report.
• Powers during the pandemic are invoked to accelerate the pace of assumptions around the world. Neurosurgery software are point by point in the report.
• The report makes proposals on the way forward in neurosurgery software worldwide.

1.1 Scope of the study
1.2 Key Market Segments
1.3 Players Covered: Ranking by Vessel Monitoring System Software Revenue
1.4 Market Analysis by Type
1.4.1 Neurosurgery Software Size Growth Rate by Type: 2020 VS 2028
1.5 Market by Application
1.5.1 Neurosurgery Software Share by Application: 2020 VS 2028
1.6 Objectives of the study
1.7 years considered
1.8 Continue…

Purchase report request @

This report responds to a few key requests:
• What is the expected evolution in all neurosurgery software in the world after the discovery of a vaccination or a treatment against the coronavirus?
• What are the critical new methodologies that can be executed post-pandemic to remain ruthless, agile, customer-focused, and useful worldwide Neurosurgery software?
• What specific regions are we relying on to improve neurosurgery software around the world?
• What are the major government approaches and interventions being done by leading neurosurgery software countries around the world to help advance the collection or improvement of vessel monitoring system software.

Global Biometric Authentication Growth Opportunities Report 2022 with AU10TIX, Authenteq, Nuance, Phonexia, Onfido, Whispeak Profiles Fri, 10 Jun 2022 11:33:00 +0000

company logo

Dublin, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global Biometric Authentication Growth Opportunities” report has been added to from offer.

This research service provides an overview of the global biometric authentication industry, with a particular focus on its application in customer experience use cases. The study analyzes the growth drivers and restraints, emerging developments, customer experience applications, and use cases of biometrics adoption.

The global biometric authentication industry is growing rapidly due to the ubiquity of certain biometric modalities, such as fingerprints and facial recognition. The deployment of biometric technologies is increasing across all industries due to their ease of use, high security and assurance, and rapid scalability.

The analyst expects the implementation of biometric technology for mobile transactions (facial and fingerprint recognition) to continue to grow alongside the proliferation of voice biometrics in contact centers.

The study also profiles biometric solution providers with game-changing innovations and presents growth opportunities and key takeaways that will affect industry participants and end-user organizations.

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it increasingly difficult to grow taller?

  • The strategic imperative

  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the Biometric Authentication Industry

  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. User Authentication – Introduction and Evolution

  • Introduction to User Authentication

  • User authentication factors and approaches

  • Evolution of Identity Authentication Techniques

3. Biometric authentication

4. Classification of biometric authentication modalities

  • How biometric systems work

  • Benefits of Biometric Authentication

  • Limits of biometric authentication

5. Customer Insights and CX Use Cases

  • Key statistics

  • Significant developments in the global biometrics industry

  • Global customer experience priorities for businesses

  • Biometric Authentication Use Cases for CX

6. Analysis of growth opportunities

  • Significant trends in all sectors

  • Growth engines

  • Growth constraints

  • Biometric Solutions – Decision Factors

  • Deployment Considerations for End User Organizations

7. Biometric Authentication Provider Profiles

8. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Partner with hardware, computing, and networking technology vendors to expand the user base

  • Growth Opportunity 2: Integrate biometric solutions with conversational AI to better serve customers

  • Growth Opportunity 3: Offer multimodal biometrics for increased accuracy and flexibility

  • Growth Opportunity 4: Use AI and Blockchain Technologies to Improve Security

  • Growth Opportunity 5: Integrate biometric solutions into payment systems to boost customer experience

9. Relevant definitions

For more information about this report visit

CONTACT: CONTACT: Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630 For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900
Airport biometrics from Vision-Box, Idemia, Veridos and Materna land on the tarmac Tue, 07 Jun 2022 22:16:35 +0000

Biometrics providers Vision-Box, Idemia, Veridos and Materna Intelligent Passenger Solutions North America showcase their latest airport system integration projects to streamline passenger processing. Meanwhile, iProov conducted a survey suggesting that passengers would prefer home check-in for flights, opening up new opportunities for mobile biometrics providers.

Vision-Box launches a self-service biometric terminal for passengers

Vision-Box from Portugal launched its Seamless Kiosk, a passenger check-in kiosk that uses biometrics.

The Seamless Kiosk features an optimized frontal facial capture module with automatic height and dynamic lighting adjustments for accurate biometric facial capture. It also includes a modular design that can vary its configurations of its fingerprint reader, travel documents and barcode reader, card reader, and accessibility keyboard.

According to Vision-Box, Seamless Kiosk complies with the latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for secure and fast biometric processing. It also complies with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards on biometric data exchange formats and detection of biometric presentation attacks.

Alessandro Minucci, executive at Vision-Box, explains that Seamless Kiosk can be deployed in multiple roles such as identity management, travel & tourism and border control, “allowing the user to enjoy the best seamless experience , with the highest accuracy and speed via a biometric solution by design.

Vision-Box systems have been widely deployed, from Australia and New Zealand to Mexico.

Singapore’s Changi Airport to Biometrically Check Flyers

Idemia’s biometric capture devices will be integrated into Changi Airport to speed up passenger processing, especially for immigration.

The company’s facial and fingerprint recognition system, known as TraveLane 2 Step, will be enhanced with ID-Look, a multi-biometric product that verifies identities on the spot for immigration clearance. It also supports the airport’s “family lane” feature that processes groups of up to four passengers at a time for immigration clearance.

Idemia first introduced TraveLane 1 Step and TraveLane 2 Step at Changi Airport in 2017. The company claims to have biometrically processed over 12 million passengers so far at the airport. It has also deployed its biometric immigration system at another Singaporean airport: Seletar Airport.

As “global travel restarts, we are excited to extend our long-standing partnership with Singapore and bring our expertise in biometrics and identity management to help them transition into a new digital future.” of travel,” said Tim Ferris, the company’s senior vice president. public security and identity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bangladesh rolls out Veridos passports and facial biometrics

Bangladesh’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport will deploy 27 of Veridos’ electronic gates, which use facial recognition and digital passports to identify passengers, according to the Bangladeshi Monitor.

The gates will automatically grant access to ePassport holders, who must present their face to the gate, where the system will identify the passenger after scanning a chip containing biometric information in their passport.

In addition to removing barriers for passengers, airport officials say it will speed up the immigration process with minimal human interaction.

The Government of Bangladesh plans to set up a total of 50 gates at other airports and land crossing points.

Veridos won the €340 million contract for Bangladeshi digital passports in 2018.

Spirit Airlines integrates Materna IPS biometric baggage drop at LAX

Spirit Airlines has announced that it will test a Materna IPS-made biometric photo-matching and self-baggage drop-off system at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to speed up the check-in process.

First implemented in 2019, Spirit implemented Materna’s automatic bag drop system with facial recognition at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas and Hartford-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Passengers drop off their bags without interacting with an agent and complete a biometric photo match that verifies their government-issued photo ID with a photo of the passenger.

LAX also has biometric baggage drop installed in 32 of Delta Airline’s Sky Way terminals.

According to Spirit, Materna’s system can analyze key physical characteristics of more than 50,000 IDs from nearly 200 countries.

It will undergo initial testing at LAX where there will be manual identity verification and optional biometric processing. Eventually, this will eliminate the need to hand ID to an agent when checking baggage, says Spirit.

Mike Byrom, Vice President of Airports and Crew Services for Spirit, said, “Our customers are tech-savvy and appreciate the options to control their journey.” It also complements Spirit’s staffing and helps maintain consistency in customer service, he said.

The survey reveals that most passengers are open to check-in from home; opportunity for biometrics

A survey by biometric authentication and liveness detection company iProov reveals that almost nine out of 10 respondents are willing to check in from home. This is an opportunity for biometrics vendors to meet demand, iProov says.

The survey, which asked 16,000 passengers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Australia, about the inconvenience of flights and their openness at home recording.

Long queues at airports are considered the most common inconvenience, with 70% saying it annoyed them.

To avoid long lines, 86% said yes or maybe to completing their ticket and ID checks from home to speed up the process.

Eighty-eight percent of respondents globally said they would be more likely to choose an airline or other travel service that offers home check-in. Forty-five percent said they would definitely choose home.

Andrew Bud, CEO of IProov, said, “We have shown that online facial verification can be applied to improve the consumer travel experience, making life easier for travelers and operators around the world.”

The company has a facial recognition trial with European rail service Eurostar.

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Google Adds to Illinois Biometric Privacy Law Regulations | Illinois Fri, 03 Jun 2022 21:28:00 +0000

(The Center Square) – Some Illinois residents may receive a check as part of a class-action settlement against Google.

The lawsuit, which is similar to the one recently settled with Facebook, claimed the company violated state biometric information privacy law with the Google Photos app. According to the plaintiffs, the social media platform unlawfully used facial recognition data, collected without consent, to trick users into tagging their friends in the photos.

“Illinois has the most extensive biometric information protection law in the nation,” said Ed Yohnka, communications director for the ACLU of Illinois. “Illinois is a place that has really protected the privacy of the people who live here.”

Google has admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement, which resolves a group of lawsuits brought by five plaintiffs.

If a final order is approved in the case in September, Illinois people who appeared in a photo in Google Photos between May 1, 2015 and the date of the preliminary settlement approval could participate in the settlement.

A Google spokesperson said Google Photos users in Illinois will be asked for consent to face the bundling in the coming weeks and will expand nationwide shortly. after.

The case follows a similar settlement with Facebook over its face tagging feature. The settlement included more than one million Facebook users in Illinois for whom the social network created and stored a face template after June 2011.

The checks ($397) began going out in May after two plaintiffs who objected to the awarding of $97.5 million in attorneys’ fees in the case dropped their appeal.

Being tagged automatically in photos might not seem like a big deal to some, but once tagged, your face can become available to businesses outside the walls of your photo platform.

“When these elements are combined with other information about us, it essentially monetizes our identity for someone else,” Yohnka said.

Those looking to file a complaint can do so here.