Business Strategy Case Studies: This Week’s Best Biometrics Stories

This week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ Best Stories focuses on the strategic positioning of the company, in various forms – perhaps demonstrating the vibrancy of the identity industry.

An example comes in the form of an M&A activity. Interac received a lot of attention this week with the announcement of its acquisition of the Canadian business of SecureKey. SecureKey is a leading provider of digital identity solutions in the country, particularly with regard to its Verified.Me and Verified.Me Government Sign-In solutions:

Interac acquires 100% of Canadian business from SecureKey

Socure, meanwhile, went ahead with another type of strategic acquisition. The company announced that Matt Thompson, a seasoned biometrics and identity space veteran with deep expertise in the government sector, has joined the company as Managing Director of Public Sector Solutions:

Digital Identity Leader Matt Thompson Joins Socure

This week also brought news of an interesting Imageware pivot, which targets the emergence Sovereign Identity space out. There are many opportunities to leverage the benefits of biometrics in SSI, and Imageware is working on tailor-made solutions. He also joined two major standards bodies focused on decentralized identity:

Imageware considers biometric opportunities in sovereign identity

Readers of FindBiometrics have also shown sustained interest this week in a notable strategic move from Amazon. Amazon Web Services officially launched Amazon Connect Voice ID, a voice authentication tool for contact centers. This is the latest sign of Amazon’s growing interest in biometric technology, as the company has received a lot of attention (and scrutiny) for its facial recognition technology in recent years, and recently launched a palm-of-the-hand scanning solution for retail payment and access control. :

Amazon launches new voice authentication service

And finally, an example of a corporate strategy that anyone in the identity security industry can adopt: implementing passwordless authentication for the customers. A new case study details how a challenger bank nearly eliminated fraud by deploying Incognia’s sophisticated, low-friction anti-fraud technology:

How did this Challenger bank almost eliminate fraud? Download the Incognia case study and find out


Stay tuned to FindBiometrics for the latest news from the exciting world of biometrics. You can also visit our sister site Mobile ID World to read the latest information on digital identity.

October 9, 2021 – by Alex Perala

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