BOE showcases cutting-edge technologies in six areas at SID Display Week 2022

SAN JOSE, CA., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About May 10SID Display Week 2022, a leading event in the display industry, opened in San Jose, United States. The Society for Information Display (SID) also celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. At the in-person exhibition, BOE, a global leader in the display industry, unveiled a plethora of technologies and products under its ADS Pro, f-OLED and α-MLED technology brands and showcased the applications cutting-edge metaverse, glasses-free 3D and smart cabin. These pioneering exhibits showcased a technological extravaganza, setting the trend for the display industry striving to make screens “ubiquitous”.

ADS-Pro: delivering a seamless experience with ultra-high refresh rates

As BOE’s exclusive high-end LCD technology solution, ADS Pro offers a set of advantages such as ultra-high refresh rates, optimal effects of all viewing angels and a super hard touch screen. During SID Display Week 2022, BOE showcased a lineup of products with ultra-high refresh rates, which fully reflect its leadership in display technology.

BOE 4K The TV display with an unparalleled refresh rate of 576 Hz was particularly eye-catching. Armed with BOE’s exclusive display and frequency-doubling technologies, it features an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, greatly improving the granularity and smoothness of images. The laptop screen with the world’s highest refresh rate over 500Hz adopts BOE’s advanced oxide TFT technology and fast-response LCD technology to achieve a 1ms response time, providing a smudge-free and ultra-smooth experience. At the BOE booth, visitors could experience ultra-high refresh rate display products such as 288Hz 8K 500 Hz TVs and monitors, both the highest in the world. These products presented a stunning visual experience thanks to BOE’s high-end LCD technology.

f-OLED: unlock the unlimited possibilities of flexible displays

f-OLED is BOE’s unique high-end flexible OLED technology solution. It takes a variety of all-new forms like full-screen display, foldable display and roll-up display and integrates several features such as under-display fingerprint recognition, under-display camera and biometrics, opening a whole new view of flexible displays.

In the f-OLED exhibition area, BOE displayed the world’s largest 95-inch 8K OLED display. Backed by state-of-the-art oxide TFT technology and white OLED vapor deposition process, the display enables pixel-level light control and ultimate HDR picture quality, demonstrating the technology leadership of the company in the field of large OLEDs. BOE’s 17.3-inch foldable OLED display, the world’s first and largest of its kind, attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibition. The display features 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and ultra-thin bezels and was exclusively supplied to ASUS. The world’s first NFC wearable device features a 1.57-inch OLED display that supports smart card data reading and simulation. Currently, BOE has partnered with a cohort of leading brands in smartwatches, smartbands, and other wearables. In addition, BOE has taken the initiative to launch a range of flexible displays in various forms, such as the transparent flexible OLED display with curved surfaces and touch control function, the display that folds up to 360 degrees, the tri-fold screen that folds into a Z-shape, sliding screen, wristband phone screen and car screen. These products offer a whole new futuristic experience.

α-MLED: allowing for a full range of scenarios

α-MLED is BOE’s active matrix chip-on-glass LED solution. It can provide exquisite and ultimate image quality, giving users an immersive experience in various scenarios.

At the exhibition, BOE introduced the world’s first Mini LED product which has been put into mass production. The 86 inch 4K The active-matrix backlit MLED display based on glass substrates delivers peak brightness of 1,500 nits and precise light control with over 2,000 zones. So far, the display has been applied to Skyworth’s range of high-end TVs. The world’s first 0.9mm active-matrix MLED based on a glass substrate offers a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Thanks to the active matrix addressing technique, it has ultra-low flicker and is therefore easy on the eyes. In recent years, BOE has continued to innovate and expand the application of MLEDs. It has established cooperation with various industry leaders in terms of TV panels, commercial display, laptop panels, e-sports display, Mini LED backlight virtual reality, etc.

Metaverse, 3D without glasses and smart cabin: embrace an immersive and interactive future

While constantly pushing the boundaries of display effects, BOE has ventured into new territory by diversifying display features and forms and bringing them to a wider range of scenarios to deliver immersive and interactive experiences.

Over the past two years, the metaverse has grown in popularity and become a very promising application area. Meanwhile, VR and AR are widely accepted as the main interface for the metaverse. During SID Display Week 2022, BOE set up a dedicated metaverse exhibition area where it showcased a variety of stunning VR/AR display products. BOE’s dynamic frame rate (DFR) head-mounted display (HMD) VR, the first of its kind in the industry, can adaptively adjust the frame rate, so that the screen is much smoother. The 1500 PPI HMD VR is armed with a high-efficiency HD optical system with a wide field of view and supports dual pupil distance and diopter adjustment, greatly optimizing visual effects and bringing a whole new experience. Immersive VR. As a pioneer in VR/AR display, BOE has invested 27 billion RMB to build next-generation silicon-based consumer LCD and OLED production lines. So far, BOE has established cooperation with 119 key customers around the world, and its products have been used in a legion of VR/AR devices launched by well-known Chinese and foreign brands, helping them explore the applications innovations of the metaverse.

During SID Display Week 2022, BOE showcased a range of innovative applications enhanced by futuristic technologies, providing visitors with a visually stunning and highly immersive experience. Biggest in the world 8K The glasses-free 3D display adopts state-of-the-art Quantum Dot (QD) backlight technology, with an NTSC color gamut of up to 104%. Thanks to the cylindrical lens arrays, it provides a superior visual experience from wide viewing angles and multiple vantage points, and achieves a 3D pop-out effect up to 1.6 meters, which should reach 3-6 meters in the future. In a nutshell, the device brings viewers an intriguing and unique experience by virtually transporting them to the location. In the futuristic BOE Smart Cabin Experience Zone, the dashboard not only offers glasses-free 3D effects, but also features tactile feedback that enables touchless interactivity. The on-board intelligent photosensitive multi-display can automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient light, providing an even smarter driving experience. As for the disruptive Quantum Dot (QD) display technology, BOE launched the world’s first 55-inch 8K AMQLED display, which marks a major step towards mass production and application of AMQLED technology.

With the emergence of cutting-edge display technologies and innovative use cases that are further diversified, the digital transformation and intelligent transformation brought about by next-generation information technologies are driving displays into every corner of the world. people’s lives, ushering in the era where “screens are ubiquitous”. “In the future, BOE will stick to the “Internet of Displays” strategy, strive to bring feature-rich displays in various forms to a wider range of scenarios, and enhance countless IoT scenarios with innovative technologies, creating a smarter and more convenient future.

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