Block’s bitcoin wallet looks like a rock

Last month, we discovered that Block’s new Bitcoin hardware wallet would include a fingerprint sensor. Now we know what it might look like: a rock.

Jesse Dorogusker, Head of Block Material tweeted a photo of prototypes of the company’s new hardware wallet, a flat hexagonal gadget with USB-C charging ports. Wallets (or should we say rocks?) allow users to access cryptographic keys stored on the device using a fingerprint sensor, but Block will also offer a PIN as a means of alternative authentication.

It is not known if the wallet has a name. Jack Dorsey retweeted Dorogusker’s post saying “rockyand Dorogusker did not caption his own tweet. Let’s call it “rockey” for now, okay? (Which could be a portmanteau of “rock” and “key”.)

The company formerly known as Square wrote in a blog post last month that the wallet system would consist of three components. First, it will have a mobile app that will allow customers to own and manage bitcoins and find partners to buy, sell or convert fiat to crypto. Second, the wallet has a hardware device (rockey) that would “act as a self-service recovery kit” in case someone loses their mobile wallet. Third, it will have tools to help clients recover from losing part of their wallet.

Block will offer more details on what will happen for people who lose both their phone and their hardware device in the future. “And as part of defining the tools we provide to clients to recover their portfolio in different scenarios, we will also consider inheritance, as it is an important part of managing your financial future,” wrote the society.

Dorsey announced in June 2021 Block’s plans to introduce a crypto wallet, dripping with details over time. We knew Block didn’t originally want a display and that the hardware wallet would have a corresponding mobile app, but we didn’t know what it would actually look like until recently. Lindsey Grossman, Block’s head of product, marketing and partnerships for the wallet project, told The Verge that the images are “prototypes we’re experimenting with for the hardware component of the wallet.” So the end product could be very different.

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