Biden’s open border is an open invitation to terror attacks

We saw two examples late last month alone of the enormous national security threat we face from President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

First, we learned that a man on the terrorist watch list was allowed to enter the United States and that it took 13 days for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to obtain clearance to re-arrest him. The same day, the news has fallen that the FBI had uncovered an ISIS plot to smuggle alien assassins into the United States across the southern border to kill former President George W. Bush.

As Border Patrol and ICE experts have warned, open borders welcome terrorists.

In a September Memo to ICE’s acting director, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas described national security threats as the top priority for immigration enforcement. The note said in part:

A non-national who has engaged in or is suspected of terrorism or espionage, or activities related to terrorism or espionage, or who otherwise poses a danger to national security, is a priority for arrest and the distance.

If the department’s actions matched Mayorkas’ words, it might be consistent with the Department of Homeland Security’s true mission; namely, to protect the homeland. Unfortunately, Biden’s DHS doesn’t really follow with law enforcement and safeguarding our country.

Biden’s DHS captured and released more than 756,000 extraterrestrials (including 125,000 mostly contrabandunaccompanied children) at the southern border under the preposterous idea that they will honor their notices to report to ICE facilities or notices to appear in immigration court.

These figures do not even include the more than 620,000 “getaways.” In total, this amounts to nearly 1.4 million unscreened foreigners who crossed the border under this administration.

With these record border encounters and escapes, and only 42 migrants on terrorism watch list apprehended at the border under Biden, there is a huge likelihood that more suspected terrorists are currently in the country. We just don’t know How many managed to escape overwork, underfunded Border Patrol.

After 9/11, countless hours of work went into creating flight and visa screening systems. Tools such as the terrorist screening database, the no-fly list and the visa security program are effective, but become meaningless if terrorists can illegally cross the porous southwest border and bypass the entire verification process.

For example, one thing the Terrorist Tracking Database is designed to track is special interest aliens, illegal immigrants with unusual travel patterns that could potentially indicate threats to national security. Border Patrol agents apprehended foreigners from 157 different countries At the border.

With an alarming number of aliens being smuggled into the United States and minimal operational border control under current conditions, there is absolutely no way to quickly and effectively screen aliens from so many different countries. It is therefore not surprising that now aliens with vested interests can easily enter the United States without surveillance.

It is evident that the reckless policies of the Biden administration (including the attempt to lift the title 42) continue to exacerbate the border crisis it has created and to open our country’s borders to terrorist threats from around the world.

Recently, an Iraqi native, identified as Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, was arrested in connection with a alleged conspiracy assassinate Bush.

Shihab is bound both to Al-Raed (a terrorist group based in Qatar) and to the Islamic State. He was allowed to enter the United States on a nonimmigrant visa and currently has an asylum claim pending. It is said that he regularly monitored Bush’s home and offices, and purchased the firearms and vehicles needed to carry out the assassination attempt.

The plot against Bush was advanced, strategic and targeted. It is perhaps unsurprising that Shihab planned to smuggle terrorists into the United States through the open southern border to carry out the plot.

Shihab, a former member of the Baath Party and current political exile from Iraq, was in alliance along with more than six other Al-Raed and ISIS affiliates. The group used the instant messaging app WhatsApp to coordinate plans and tasks. Shihab was unaware that the group chat included FBI informants.

He boasted that he had already smuggled Hezbollah operatives across the southern border, was willing to smuggle families for cash and planned to help others involved in the assassination plot get in also illegally at the southern border.

This advanced plot to take the life of a former US president confirms that a weakened border creates an environment for terrorist attacks to germinate.

In other Example of the Biden DHS’s failure to carry out its mission, a suspected terrorist was released in the United States with a GPS tracking device as an “alternative to detention” (which we know is a fake replacement for the detention of foreigners). After the FBI flagged the possible threat, ICE was unable to obtain authorization to arrest him until 13 days later.

Such a stranger should never have been allowed into our communities and our streets, and the administration should be ashamed of itself for delaying his re-arrest.

Biden and Mayorkas repeatedly claim, even as they ICE and Customs and Border Protection resources, that they focus on the worst threats to national security. To them it always and only ever seems to mean white supremacy. As for the 42 aliens on Terrorist Screening Database? No need to follow them.

To bar from Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas has completely neglected his duty by having no sort of answer regarding the location of the suspected terrorists caught trying to infiltrate our southern border.

The Open Border is no joke or game. Allowing unscreened or poorly vetted foreigners into the country is irresponsible at best and is deliberately gambling with american lives.

Biden’s weak policies allow smugglers and terrorists to exploit an underdefended southern border, and as a result, American citizens are at increased risk of potential terrorist attacks.

The ramifications of the Biden administration’s open-border policies have already been exposed. If terrorists can easily pose as asylum seekers and abuse the law so blatantly, it begs the question: how many domestic terrorist attacks are currently being planned?

Biden’s border crisis is not just a border crisis, nor simply an illegal immigration problem. It’s the most obvious, preventable national security threat we face.

Congress must do everything possible to neutralize this threat.

This piece originally appeared in The daily signal

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