B-Secur brings ECG biometrics to STMicroelectronics partnership for the development of wearables

Companies developing wearable devices that use the unique biometrics of a person’s heartbeat for the collection or authentication of encrypted health data will be able to get their products to market faster now that B-Secur has joined the partner program. semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics and has launched a guide to integrating its FDA-approved HeartKey software library with the STM32 microcontroller.

HeartKey’s ECG algorithms combine various factors such as user identification and health and wellness information to generate precise data that is encrypted using the user’s heartbeat biometrics.

STM32 is the most popular microcontroller for portable devices and Belfast-based B-Secur is therefore hoping for even greater adoption.

“Our participation in the ST Partner Program and our collaboration with STMicroelectronics marks a key strategic milestone for B-Secur,” said Ben Carter, Commercial Director of B-Secur.

“From day one, we developed and optimized our powerful ECG algorithms to run in real time on STM32. We also provide a simple integration guide to help customers take our software library and integrate it on STM32.

“Our collaboration with ST means that if you’re building a wearable device, such as high-end smartwatches, we’ve got you covered all the way down the signal chain and with all the components you’ll need,” Carter said.

In September, B-Secur launched an EKG hardware and software development kit to help companies streamline the development of biometrics-focused ECG devices.

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