Automated customs clearance will be standard for all travelers to Singapore from 2023: ICA

Foreign visitors will no longer have to go to manual counters each time they visit Singapore to have their iris and facial biometrics cleared.

Instead, they can do so in the automated lanes that Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-stay pass holders already use to enter the country.

The ICA, which released its annual statistical report on Tuesday, said: “Using iris patterns and facial features as primary identifiers for immigration clearance not only provides more robust identity authentication and reliable of travellers, but (also) more hygienic, practical and efficient immigration clearance.”

Last October, the ICA introduced the Electronic Visitor Pass at Changi Airport, which will soon be implemented at all checkpoints.

The laissez-passer, which is issued to foreign visitors, replaces the approval stamps inked in passports.

The ICA said the measures would reduce contact between its officers and travellers.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the ICA implemented several initiatives in support of the reopening of Singapore. These included revamping manual counters at checkpoints so that travelers can scan their passports themselves, making customs clearance more secure for everyone.

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