Advocate Aurora Research Institute Joins Aiberry AI Study to Analyze Audiovisual Signs to Detect Mental Illnesses

Aiberry’s multimodal AI platform integrates with telehealth to identify mental health issues

Aiberry’s AI platform analyzes a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions for mental health issues and integrates with telehealth services

The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research led by our Chief Scientist, Dr Newton Howard, one of today’s foremost experts in computational and cognitive neuroscience.

– Sangit Rawlley, president and co-founder of aiberry

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / – Advocate Aurora Research Institute is one of three sites to initially join a clinical trial studying an artificial intelligence (AI) -based telehealth platform designed to analyze a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions for signs mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Decline in Mental Health is a Worsening Crisis in the United States Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five adult Americans reported mental illness. Episodes of anxiety and depression have quadrupled during the pandemic, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The mental health crisis is particularly acute here in Wisconsin, with a well-documented shortage of practicing psychiatrists and mental health services,” said Mindy Waite, PhD, research scientist at the Ed Howe Center for Health Care Transformation and Aurora Behavioral from the Advocate Aurora Research Institute. Health Services and Study Principal Investigator. “And in Milwaukee, the crisis is disproportionately affecting black and brown communities. “

Black residents of Milwaukee County make up 47.5% of mental health service users, while they make up only 27.2% of the population, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the US Census Bureau.

“Scientists are investigating whether new technologies can help screen for symptoms of depression which could then lead to more accessible and timely mental health services,” said Michelle Simpson, PhD, RN, director of the Howe Center.

The patent-pending technology that is assessed in the study was developed by AI company aiberry, the sponsor of the study. The AI ​​system takes a video of a patient during their interview with a mental health professional and analyzes multiple channels of data – video, audio and voice content – both separately and in combination, to extract specific patterns to a particular mental health disorder. The system then assigns a score indicating the likelihood that the patient has a particular mental disorder.

“The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research conducted by our chief scientist, Dr. Newton Howard, one of today’s leading experts in computational and cognitive neuroscience, and his collaborators,” said Sangit Rawlley , president and co-founder of aiberry.

The clinical trial aims to train and validate the ability of the aiberry platform to detect depression in a diverse patient population. People participating in the study will take depression screens and record a video interview. The researchers plan to enroll 1,000 participants aged 13 to 79 in the study.

“We are delighted to have Aurora Health Advocate and Advocate Aurora Research Institute as one of our strategic partners in this multisite study, ”said Rawlley. “Advocate Aurora’s focus on increasing the effectiveness and access to mental health solutions by integrating mental health into a primary care setting is well aligned with aiberry’s vision.

The researchers also aim to study the ability of technology to help diagnose other mental health problems.

About Aurora Healthcare
Advocate Aurora Health is one of the 12 largest nonprofit integrated health systems in the United States and a leading employer in the Midwest with 75,000 employees, including more than 22,000 nurses and the largest employed medical staff. and home health organization in the region. A national leader in clinical innovation, health outcomes, consumer experience and value-based care, the system serves nearly 3 million patients per year in Illinois and Wisconsin in more than 500 care sites. Lawyer Aurora is engaged in hundreds of clinical trials and research studies and is nationally recognized for his expertise in cardiology, neuroscience, oncology and pediatrics. The organization provided $ 2.2 billion in charitable care and services to its communities in 2019. We help people live well.

About the Advocate Aurora Research Institute
Advocate Aurora Research Institute is a non-profit, limited liability company of Advocate Aurora Health. Avocado Aurora has become a national destination for patient-centered laboratory, translational and clinical research, and the Research Institute unifies innovative research efforts across the healthcare system. Advocate Aurora researchers are focused on rapidly translating new findings from the scientist’s bench to the bedside and into the community we serve to improve options and outcomes that not only change people’s lives, but transform the way they live. population health.

About aiberry
Aiberry’s vision is to harness the power of deep technology and artificial intelligence to promote mental well-being. Aiberry’s patent-pending multimodal AI platform analyzes conversations to screen for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. Aiberry’s platform provides providers and managers of care with rapid, objective and evidence-based mental health assessments virtually (in telehealth scenarios) and at the point of care, providing unique opportunities to awareness and scale. For more information visit

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