A Little About: Leveraging Security Systems to Drive Value in Retail: CEO Perspectives

“With the ability to perform analytics and, as well as demographic identification through monitoring systems, leveraging security systems to help retail organizations identify customers, identify patterns of ‘shopping, people trafficking pods are really powerful solutions,’ said Leiponis.

Security systems have many retail applications beyond their initial use case. A Bit About, a podcast by Parabit Systems, host Hilary Kennedy spoke with Rob Leiponis, CEO of Parabit Systems, about how security systems can drive value in retail and improve business performance. retail experience.

Several viable use cases allow the integrated technology to transcend perceived application limitations for broader value within an organization. According to Leiponis, here’s how retail systems can improve the customer experience and support modern targeted marketing opportunities.

“Through analytical capability and demographic identification through monitoring systems, security systems help retail organizations identify customers and purchasing patterns. People trafficking pods are really powerful solutions, ”said Leiponis.

Security services tend to be a call center where retail is a profit center, according to Leiponis. Many customers are taking advantage of the demand and applications that security systems can provide. The security services need to be able to finance some of these cameras, with much more precise images and diagrams of people.

“Facial analysis has just been an incredible resource for law enforcement as well as retail operations to be able to identify people,” Leiponis said.

Listen to learn more about how security systems can drive value in retail.

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