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The digitization of processes in human resources has been vital for companies in various industries in recent years. And it is even more so for organizations that embrace what most call “the future of work”.

Sprout Solutions has gone beyond automating manual payroll and time management processes by introducing innovative products to drive business growth. Among the tools now available through Sprout are systems that help facilitate employee engagement, promote wellness activities, and provide emergency funds as financial benefits. “Sprout’s core products are already solving the challenges of managing critical HR and payroll systems. Over time, our range of products and services has become an ecosystem that helps sustain our clients’ HR processes. With the rapid introduction of a hybrid work setup in the country, we saw additional challenges for HR that we could address by helping companies digitize their business processes, ”Patrick Gentry, CEO and co-founder.

Cloud HR solutions in local environment

Sprout empowers businesses to transform through automated digitization and provides extensive support along that journey, providing businesses with efficiency and flexibility while minimizing the need for administrative involvement and inevitable human errors. Automating critical human capital management processes frees company executives to focus on their core business activities and the development of their employees, rather than carrying the burden of tedious tasks.

The human resources administration dashboard automates timing until payment.

One of his unique selling propositions in the industry is his in-depth knowledge of the needs of his local customers, according to Gentry. “Sprout is a Philippine software as a service (SaaS) company for the Philippine market. Our main mission is to make an impact on the life of every Filipino by improving business in the Philippines. With its vast knowledge and experience of the Philippine market, Sprout can respond very well to the unique nuances of the Philippine market, especially from a timing, payroll, and compliance perspective. “Not only does our system meet the parameters of government rules and regulations, our in-house legal team stays in touch with the respective authorized offices to ensure that our clients stay at the forefront of the latest updates. legal. Our aim is to bring innovation and technology as the touchpoints that bring technology to life in the PH workplace.

Building an organization equipped for the future of work

Sprout product line from left to right: Pulse, Mobile, HR, Payroll

Sprout is transforming the HR industry by introducing a suite of products that address weaknesses at all stages of the employee lifecycle, from the hiring process to payroll and time management, as well as business tools. employee engagement and retention.

Sprout HR is one of the best human resource information systems in the Philippines. It offers automation from timing to payment. Not only does this allow companies to manage all of their HR processes in one place, including 201 digital files, but it also gives invaluable insights that aid in better high-level decision making.

Sprout Payroll provides a complete online solution for the Philippine business market and cuts payroll processing time by up to 90%. Over 2,000 businesses use Sprout Payroll, which is proven to be a high quality, cost effective solution. Additionally, it was designed to address the complexities of Filipino payroll and therefore is invaluable when it comes to an organization’s digital transformation journey.

The Sprout mobile app extends the functionality of the core offerings of Sprout HR and Sprout Payroll. As users point in and out of the app, their location information is captured. The app offers secure authentication via biometrics, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. With an ever-evolving feature set, users can also view payslips, check their journals, change information, get tally reminders, and access some of their business benefits.

Sprout Insight is an advanced analytics module that provides accurate and relevant reports such as workforce attrition rate, overtime, and absenteeism trends through interactive dashboards. The information provided has been designed to be actionable by decision makers at the highest levels of the organization.

Performance + is a unique performance management system that is integrated with a learning management platform that aligns growth and development with performance reviews. From the definition and monitoring of employee objectives, key performance indicators of the service and skills for each position, to the development of succession plans, to the alignment of skills with strategies, to the personalization of the flow of routing work, legal checks and electronic signatures, and providing in-depth analysis, Performance + can reflect and improve existing performance appraisal processes, automatically triggering specific courses for employees who need them. This makes assessments easier for managers and employees, and allows HR administrators to focus on larger initiatives that will allow organizations to grow effectively and efficiently with scalable activities.

Sprout’s recruiting partner, Manatal, goes beyond an application tracking system. They are one of the leaders in the cloud-based recruiting software market. It helps hundreds of companies find the perfect fit for the organization through candidate search, analysis of information from sources like LinkedIn and other social media platforms, recommendation engine based on AI, team collaboration tools and more.

Sprout Pulse provides a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement using out-of-the-box assessments to uncover powerful data and insights on performance, attrition and engagement. This exploited data becomes an exploitable opportunity for growth and improvement. It pushes your entire organization towards a data-driven culture that creates a sense of empathy and innovation within the organization.

Sprout Health, in partnership with Maxicare, offers prepaid HMO plans that provide instant access to medical insurance for hospitalization, outpatient care, preventive health care, emergency care, and dental care. HMO privileges can be used immediately upon approval.

Sprout Wellness is a holistic solution that provides employers with physical and mental health services for their employees. The services provided by Sprout Wellness, such as yoga and meditation sessions, counseling by licensed practitioners, webinars, and more, assures companies that their employees are not only taken care of, but also remain compliant. to DOLE’s Mental Health Act.

InstaCash, an additional financial benefit that companies with the Sprout HR and Payroll software platform can offer their employees

Sprout InstaCash offers employees the financial advantage of Sprout HR and Sprout Payroll that has been proven to increase productivity, engagement and reduce attrition at no cost to the business. This service allows employees to access emergency funds in just 2 minutes between request and disbursement, removing all unnecessary administrative processes. With this, an employee can borrow up to P 25,000 through the Sprout HR Hub. Approval can be done in just two minutes. With only minimal service charges, employees don’t have to worry about interest charges. The reimbursement is linked to the employee’s Sprout payroll account. A smart limit engine is in place to protect employees from bad financial decisions, and automatic deductions are applied to future employee payslips, for added convenience and security.

Gentry continues, “Our vision as a company sees the expansion and growth of the Philippine business market into a transparent and tech-savvy community towards what has now moved from the digital age to the experience age. . The era of manual data entry for payroll and corporate HR processes will soon be over, and we don’t want your business to be left behind. We are focused on creating cutting-edge, world-class business software: beautiful to look at, easy to use, with powerful features behind them – a work experience.

Sprout customers have shared their positive feedback on the automation brought by signing up with cloud-based systems. Adaptation to the situation and sustainability have given these companies the opportunity to focus on more pressing concerns. Arlene de Castro, Vice President of Operations, says, “As we continue to move forward into the future, businesses are rushing to automate to make sure none of them are left behind. Sprout has evolved to provide a holistic suite of products and services that help businesses manage the entire employee lifecycle.

For more information on Sprout Solutions, visit www.sprout.ph.



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