12 Best Affordable Christmas Gifts For Nikon Photographers

Christmas is a great time to treat the photography lovers in your life with a new gadget or gadget that will expand their creative possibilities and help them take better photos. But it’s no secret that photography can be an expensive hobby, so we’ve researched a selection of gifts for Nikon photographers that won’t break the bank, including a camera bag, tripod, camera, and camera. memory card, a cleaning cloth – and even a fast-top-notch lens at a bargain price!

So if you want to gift your significant other, a family member, a friend – or yourself – a new Nikon-fit camera kit, our top 12 picks are for you!

1. LensPen NLP-1


(Image credit: Lenspen)

Price: £ 11.99 / $ 9.95 / AU 13

The basic LensPen design has been around for many years and is now available in different sizes to accommodate lenses, from large DSLR optics to tiny phone cameras. We like the original design, the NLP-1 variant, which is suitable for larger lenses. Its particularity is its tip of 12 mm in diameter. It has a slightly concave surface to follow the curvature of the front element of your lens, and is coated with carbon to allow it to remove grease and fingerprints without the need for a liquid cleaner. Surprisingly, the system works. Lenses with a lot of fingerprints will require about 10 seconds of wiping with the carbon tip to achieve a perfect finish, but more typically branded optics shine in a matter of moments.

2. BlackRapid Breathe Binocular Strap

Blackrapid curve breathe

(Image credit: Blackrapid)

Price: £ 28 / $ 27 / AU $ 65

Although advertised as a binocular strap, this neck strap attaches to a camera just as easily. Its unique feature is a breathable, stretchy and very flexible neck protector. It also folds small and can be detached quickly. It might be a bit steep for some, but you get an impressive amount of engineering here for your money. Plus, black never goes out of style.

3.SanDisk 32 GB Extreme Pro 300 MB / s UHS-II SDXC

(Image credit: Sandisk)

Price: £ 54.99 / $ 44.99 / AU 129

Memory cards aren’t the most exciting camera accessories out there, but if you want to get the most out of your device, they’re essential. Not only does this 32GB SanDisk card have enough capacity for over 4000 22 MP JPEGs (enough room to get you filming all day without changing cards), but with shooting speeds up to at 260MB / s and transfer speeds up to 300MB / s, that’s fast enough to keep up with 4K video recording and fast continuous shooting. Insert this SD card into your camera and make card buffering a thing of the past.

4. Subscription to N-Photo magazine

N-Photo 3-for- £ / $ / € 3

(Image credit: Avenir)

Price: £ 3 / $ 3 € 3

N-Photo is the only magazine dedicated to Nikon photographers – and for a limited time, you can grab a three-issue tasting subscription for just three pounds / dollars / euros, making it the ultimate Christmas present… Be quick , because this offer ends on October 17th!

5. Hahnel ProCube II

Image Hahnel ProCube II

(Image credit: Hahnel)

Price: £ 69.99 / $ 79.90 / AU $ 114

Never find yourself without electricity again. Hahnel’s ProCube II is able to quickly and simultaneously charge a pair of batteries (individual models are dedicated to Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony batteries) or four rechargeable AAs in just 90 minutes, with their current power level clearly indicated on its LCD display. ProCube II also has an output for a USB-charged device like a smartphone or compact camera, and comes with adapters for UK, European and US plugs, making it an all-in-one charging solution. a. With an included 12V car cable, you can even charge your gear en route to locations, something that could save the day if you forget that vital charging session the night before a big shoot.

6.SSD WD Elements SE 2TB

WD Elements SE SSD image

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Price: £ 89.99 / $ 93 / AU $ 345

For backups when working in the field, you need a compact, reliable and efficient storage solution. Look no further than the WD Elements SE portable hard drive. Available in a 2TB capacity, it will suit many types of photographers, from low volume landscape photographers to a burst mode fanatic capturing action, wildlife or location portraits. With a form factor that fits easily into a camera bag (L x W: 11 x 8cm or 4.3 x 3.2 inches) and read speeds of up to 400MB / s when using the USB 3.0 cable included, the WD Elements SE will make the perfect Christmas present.

7. Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

(Image credit: Lastolite)

Price: £ 59 / $ 93 / AU $ 195

The Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 has the power to dramatically improve the lighting of your images. A compact softbox that can be attached directly to your flash with or without a camera, it softens previously harsh direct flash light for much more flattering lighting. Compatible with a variety of flashes, the Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 attaches firmly with a silicone strap and tension dial directly to its head. With an indoor and outdoor diffuser, which can be combined or used independently of each other, the intensity of its effect can be customized.

8. Lee Filters Big Stopper

(Image credit: Lee Filters)

Price: £ 99.99 / $ 151 / AU $ 249

If there’s one landscape photography look that’s been all the rage in recent years, it’s those streaky skies and hazy, ethereal bodies of water produced by ten-speed ND filters. Placed in front of the lens, these filters restrict the light reaching the sensor, forcing the use of much longer exposure times than would normally be required. One of the most popular filters of this type is the Lee Filters Big Stopper, a professional standard glass filter available in a range of sizes for use with the company’s various filtration systems. Lee Filters even offers a free mobile app to calculate the exposure times required when using a Big Stopper and other brand-provided filters.

Tartisan 50mm f / 1.2

(Image credit: TTartisan)

Price: $ 98 / £ 70 / AU $ 126

A lens for less than a ton is virtually unheard of, let alone a fast lens with an f / 1.2 aperture, but the TTartisan 50mm f / 1.2 lens is available in a Nikon Z mount for just $ 98 (around £ 70). / AU $ 126). The lens consists of seven elements in five groups, uses a 10-blade diaphragm, and has a minimum focusing distance of 50 cm (20 inches). It is 60mm (2.36in) long and 62mm (2.44in) in diameter, weighs 336g (11.85oz), and has a 52mm front filter thread. It would be too much to ask for a primary lens under $ 100 to have autofocus, but Nikon Z-series cameras have the option of using focus, which makes manual focus a lot. more intuitive. The lens is available directly in TTartisan’s online store, although the company has yet to confirm pricing for UK customers.

10. Peak Design Cuff Camera Strap

Peak Design Cuff Camera Strap Image

(Image credit: Peak Design)

Price: £ 26.95 / $ 29.95 / AU $ 45

A sleek and discreet way to protect your camera from drops, the Cuff is a stylish wristband available in a range of different color options. Cords designed to hold up to 90kg are inserted through a camera’s strap eyelets, before being then clipped securely into the cuff’s unique Anchor Lock housing. The wrist strap’s magnetic loop is then threaded onto the hand, where it can then be secured in the open position or comfortably strapped for added security. For those with compact cameras, this is a perfect way to protect and transport your setup without adding bulk.

11. Manfrotto Pixi Evo mini tripod

Offers Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

(Image credit: Manfrotto)

Price: £ 55.95 / $ 53.98 / AU 115

Manfrotto’s Pixi mini tripods have been around for several years now, but this Evo version speeds things up – literally – thanks to its two-piece extendable legs. These can lock into six different extension points using an ergonomic push button on each leg. At full extension, there is some flexibility when mounting a heavier DSLR, but Manfrotto’s 2.5kg load rating is reasonable. Keep the legs retracted to their shortest setting and the Evo feels a lot more sturdy, although this does reduce the shooting height from 19cm to 15.5cm. Alternatively, if you want to sink lower, the legs have a secondary angle adjustment selected using a simple but effective switch on the side of the kneecap. This allows the head to descend approximately 10 cm from the bridge. The ball head itself is a usefully large size for a mini tripod and it attaches securely. It can also tilt 90 degrees in portrait orientation, and a handy dial locks the ¼ “-20 thread to your camera, so you don’t need to rotate the entire tripod.

12. Spudz Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


(Image credit: Spudz)

Price: £ 6.99 / $ 8.99

A microfiber cloth that fits inside a neoprene sleeve, Spudz cloths are proven and available in a range of different colors. As the 10 x 10 inch cloth never comes off the sleeve, this product is a true all-in-one solution to keeping your lenses and LCD screens free of dust or streaks. Simply attach the Spudz to your camera with the clip on the pouch and you never have to go far for a cloth to clean your glass or screen. And since different and fun cover finishes are available, you can easily tailor one to the personality of the photographer in your life.

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