10 Effects of Testosterone on Your Health

Historically, testosterone has been associated with masculinity. Someone with high levels of testosterone was a shortcut to higher levels of perceived aggressiveness, strength, and libido. However, testosterone plays a important role in the health and function of everyone: Testosterone plays an equally important role in ovarian function as it does in male reproductive development.

Having abnormally high levels of testosterone is not particularly common, and most commonly occurs in athletes who have taken steroids or hormones to boost their athleticism. Low levels of testosterone, however, are a natural side effect aging, with approximate percentages of men with a small increase in testosterone from 20 to 50% between 60 and 80 years. Plus, injuries, radiation-focused medical treatments, and pituitary changes can all lead to low testosterone levels.

Non-binary transmasculine people and transgender men can use testosterone to help masculinize their body. In addition to the other effects of testosterone on the body, trans people who supplement the hormone have a reduced risk of gender dysphoria, depression, and anxiety because hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps them feel better. like them. Taking testosterone regularly will lead to facial and body hair growth, decreased voice pitch, increased muscle-to-fat ratio, decreased or stopped periods, and other health issues experienced by menstruation. cisgender men.

Overall, testosterone levels vary widely from year to year, and even hour to hour. It can affect a wide range of internal and external bodily functions. Testosterone manipulates everything from metabolism and weight, to hair and skin quality, focus and mood. Over time, testosterone abnormalities can have serious effects on the bones and heart.

REX MD has compiled a list of 10 effects testosterone has on your health, using research from scientific journals and health news publications. Read on to find out the downsides – and the occasional benefits – of having too much or not enough testosterone in your body.

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